Japanese Korg C1 Air Digital Piano


HK$8,900.00  HK$9,980.00

100% Japanese manufacturingKorg C1 AIR

Black / White Spot, has arrived in Hong Kong, Mong Kok.


1.) 10,000 yuan downstairs,Replace the true pianoThe best choice.

2.) Used, covered, using RH3 keyboard, feel close to traditional piano

3.) use a totalFour 5 吋 stereo Speaker, make the sound of the piano more realistic


In summary, Korg C1 Air is a vertical digital piano with the highest cost-effective CP value.

Exquisite voice and outstanding design.

Korg sets new standards for the digital piano.


C1 Air is a truly unique digital piano. With Korg's unique instrument design and audio technology, C1 AIR provides playability and versatility, which can surpass high-demand pianists expect. From the first cherist, C1 AIR provides the depth and clarity of the sound of the slimmer, which will make the player and the audience amazed. Accurately designed keyboard provides detailed touch and resonance, another research and development of tone playback technology, in addition to helping students practice while fully meeting the more advanced performance needs.


First of all, Korg C1 Air is a superb digital piano that can be used as a replacement of traditional piano and has a function of traditional piano. It doesn't need tuning, you can use it with your headphones to avoid disturbing others.


In addition, various additional features will stimulate the player's ideas and greatly improve the fun of enjoy music, including 30 surreal instruments, Bluetooth audio and recording. Korg C1 AIR is designed in Japan and re-established a new definition of digital piano.


  • Japanese manufacturing - Japanese quality quality
  • RH3 keyboard can accurately simulate the touch and echo of traditional piano
  • Modern mapping design, providing 3 color selection
  • Existing digital piano entertainment, also has true piano tone
  • Thirty high quality tone
  • Bluetooth audio playback
  • Stereo sound optimizer, presenting quality sound when using headphones
  • New R & D speaker system
  • 寛: 1,346 Millimeter
  • Deep: 347 Millimeter
  • High: 770 Millimeter

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