KORG C1 AIR digital piano made in Japan


HK$8,900.00  HK$9,980.00

100% made in Japan KORG C1 AIR

Black/white spot, has been air shipped to Hong Kong, Mong Kok main store.

1.) Ten thousand yuan downstairs, the best choice to replace real piano.

2.) Upright, with lid, RH3 keyboard, feel close to traditional piano

3.) Adopt a total of four 5-inch stereo speakers to make the sound of the piano more realistic and three-dimensional

All in all, Korg C1 Air is the product with the highest cost-effective CP value among the upright digital pianos.

Superb sound and outstanding design.

KORG sets a new standard for digital pianos.

C1 Air is a truly unique digital piano. With KORG's unique musical instrument design and sound technology history, C1 Air provides playability and versatility that can exceed the expectations of demanding pianists. From the first note, C1 Air provides the depth and clarity of the sound on the slim and slender body, which will amaze both the player and the audience. The precisely designed keyboard provides meticulous touch and reverberation, and the newly developed tone playback technology not only helps students practice, but also fully meets the needs of more advanced performers.

First of all, KORG C1 Air is a superb digital piano, which can be used as a substitute for traditional pianos, but also has functions that traditional pianos do not have. It does not require tuning and can be used with headphones so as not to disturb others.

In addition, various additional functions will stimulate the creativity of the performer and greatly enhance the enjoyment of music, including 30 surreal instrument sounds, Bluetooth audio and recording. KORG C1 Air is designed and manufactured in Japan, re-establishing a new definition of digital piano.

  • Made in Japan - Japanese premium quality
  • The RH3 keyboard can accurately simulate the touch and reverberation of a traditional piano
  • Modern body design, 3 colors available
  • It has both digital piano entertainment and the sound like a real piano
  • Thirty high-quality tones
  • Bluetooth audio playback
  • Stereo sound optimizer, presents high-quality sound when using headphones
  • Newly developed speaker system
  • Width: 1,346 Mm
  • Depth: 347 Mm
  • Height: 770 Mm

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