KORG D1 Detachable Digital Piano


HK$5,988.00  HK$7,988.00

Price includes X frame, KORG original pedals

KORG recently released a new entry-level digital piano named D1 . D1 adopts a brand-new square appearance, which is very simple and capable, with a depth of only 26 cm. Preset four-layer sampled stereo piano sound, accompanied by damper pedal resonance and key-off effect simulation. A total of 30 high-quality tones are built-in, and it is equipped with KORG's excellent reputation of Nissan RH3 step-by-step weighted keyboard. The standard audio output interface and the MIDI IN/OUT interface provide D1 with more convenience for extended applications. Since KORG's new D1 electric piano is not equipped with speakers, it can only use external speakers to produce sound (or through headphones), so its positioning is more inclined to stage performances and music production. KORG specially prepared ST-SV1 special metal piano stand for D1 and SC-D1 soft piano bag which is convenient for users to carry out.

Main features of KORG D1 electric piano:

Portable design of Japanese original RH3 step-by-step counterweight keyboard
30 kinds of high-quality tones. Advanced technology used to restore the resonance of grand pianos. Numerous convenient functions of digital pianos. Audio output interface and MIDI IN/OUT interface are provided. Music stand and dedicated pedals are included.

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KORG D1 electric piano performance parameters :
Keyboard: 88-key RH3 step-by-step counterweight keyboard (A0-C8)
Velocity curve: 5 kinds of tuning: transposition, fine-tuning and tuning: 9 kinds of sound source: personal experience sound PCM
Maximum polyphony: 120
Built-in tones: 30 (10 x 3 banks)
Effects: brightness, reverb, chorus (3 levels each)
Demo songs: 30 demo songs (10 timbre demo songs, 20 piano songs)
Metronome: tempo, time signature, rebeat, metronome sound, volume control Pedal: damper pedal (support half pedal)
Interface: audio output (left/mono, right), MIDI IN/OUT, headphone interface, damper pedal interface control: power, volume, piano music, transposition, function, velocity, brightness, reverb, chorus, timbre x10,+,-, metronome power supply: 9V DC (power adapter included)
Power consumption: 1.5W
Dimensions: 1327 x 263 x 128 mm (not including music stand), 1327 x 375 x 328 mm (including music stand)
Weight: 16Kg (including piano stand)
Supplied accessories: power adapter, music stand, pedal Optional accessories: DS-1H half-pedal pedal, ST-SV1 keyboard stand, SC-D1 soft piano bag

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