Korg D1 detachable digital piano


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priceAlready contain X frame, Korg original pedal

KORG recently released a new entry digital piano, model namedD1. D1 uses a new square look, very simple and fine, and the depth is only 26 cm. Preset the four-layer samples of the sound piano tone and accompanied the monitoring of the sound pedal resonance and offline effect. At the same time, 30 high-quality sounds are built into the Nissan RH3-level counterweight keyboard with Korg excellent reputation. Standard audio output interface and MIDI IN / OUT interface are equippedD1Provide more convenience on more expansion applications. Due to Korg newD1The electric piano is not equipped with a speaker, which can only vocalize the external speaker (or through the headset), so its positioning is more inclined to stage performance and music. Korg isD1Especially prepared ST-SV1 special metal hoses and convenient users carrying out the SC-D1 soft piano package purchase.

Main features of Korg D1 electric piano:

Japan's original RH3 step-by-step weight keyboard
Portable design
30 high quality tones
Advanced technology is used to restore triangle piano resonance
Many ways to make a convenience of piano
Provide audio output interface and MIDI IN / OUT interface
Random with a score frame and a special pedal

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Korg D1Electric piano performance parameters :
Keyboard: 88 key RH3 step-by-step weight keyboard (A0-C8)
Strength curve: 5 kinds
Tuning: Disposing, fine-tuning
Tuning: 9 kinds
Source: Draft PCM
Maximum number of revolutions: 120
Built-in tone: 30 (10 x 3 libraries)
Effect: Brightness, reverberation, chorus (3 levels)
Demonstration: 30 demonstration songs (10 tone demonstration songs, 20 piano songs)
Metronome: speed, shoot number, reebeat, metron sound, volume control
Pedal: Monitable Pedal (Support for Halft)
Interface: Audio output (left / mono, right), MIDI IN / OUT, earphone interface, sound pedal interface
Control: power, volume, piano, transfer, function, strength, brightness, reverberation, chorus, tone X10, +, -, metronome
Power supply: 9V DC (random adapter)
Power consumption: 1.5W
Size: 1327 x 263 x 128 mm (excluding music frame), 1327 x 375 x 328 mm (including music spectrum)
Weight: 16kg (including the piano shelf)
Random accessories: power adapter, music frame, pedal
Search Accessories: DS-1H Presses, ST-SV1 Keyboard Bracket, SC-D1 Soft Qiqi Pack

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