Discontinued production of the Japanese-made KORG LP380 digital piano


HK$7,388.00  HK$8,988.00

100% Made in Japan Made in Japan

Bring the slender and exquisite exterior design to your home, allowing you to experience the feeling of a real grand piano. LP-380 provides a bright piano with a calm, lightweight and thin design

sound. When the keyboard cover is closed, it feels like a stylish cabinet. High output power amplifiers and speakers can accurately reproduce the real piano sound, and KORG flagship

The RH3 keys can provide detailed timbre expression and expressiveness for piano performance.

● Lightweight and thin stylish design

● Dynamic and rich acoustic piano sound, let you enjoy the fun of playing happily

● High output power amplifier, can produce thick volume

● Equipped with the flagship RH3 keyboard (the third generation of real weighted hammers)

● Lighter shell, packaging size and weight

● Three pedal design, support semi-damped pedal function

● These high-quality tones are made by very professional designers from Kyoto, Japan.

Keyboard: 88 keys (A0-C8), RH3 (real weighted hammer 3rd generation) keyboard

Key touch selection: light, normal, heavy

Pitch adjustment: transpose, fine-tune

Tone atmosphere: 9 kinds

Sound source generation: stereo piano system

Maximum polyphony: 120 polyphony

Tone color: 30 kinds (10×3 bank group)
Acoustic piano x5, electronic grand piano, electric piano x6, harpsichord, clavichord x2, vibraphone,
Marimba, acoustic guitar, jazz organ x3, pipe organ x3, string music x3, choir x3

Effects: Brilliance, Reverb and Chorus (3 levels each)

Demonstration songs: 30 (timbre demo songs x10, piano demo songs x20)

Metronome: tempo, time signature, rebeat, timbre and volume control

Connection: wire output, MIDI (IN/OUT), pedal, earphone×2, speaker, DC19V

Output expansion power: 22 watts x2

Speaker: 10 cm x 2

Pedal: Specific*, Soft*, Sustain (*Half pedaling support)

Control: power, volume, piano music, transposition, function, touch, brightness, reverb, chorus, sound library group, sound x10, up, down, metronome

Power supply: DC19 V, AC adaptor (included)

Power consumption: 15W

Dimensions (WxDxH): 1,355×351×772 mm / 1,355×351×936 mm (with the key cover open)

Weight: 37kg (including piano stand)

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