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Korg SP280 Digital Piano

Korg SP280 Digital Piano

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Rich and dynamic classical piano sounds to satisfy your playing.
Realistic classic electric piano sounds perfect for live performances.
The high output expands the speaker section to provide larger volume.
Exquisite and detailed exterior design.
The Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH/Natural Weighted Hammer Action) keyboard provides the same playing feel as a classical piano.
The lightweight design allows you to place it easily.
New frame design.
There are stereo audio inputs, allowing you to play along with other external sounds.
The SP-280 provides a playing feel very close to a classical piano by switching between four piano samples according to the dynamics of the player's performance. From subtle muted to super dynamic, its tone will respond to the player's actual situation. In particular, the "Grand Piano" tone reproduces the damped resonance you can hear the pedal release of a classical grand piano.

Realistic classic electric piano sounds for your perfect live performance

Real-life electric piano sound with great precision. These tones reproduce not only the tonal response of the player's touch, but also the subtle key release noise. Six genres covering pop sounds from the 60s to the 70s.

30 high-quality tones

SP-280 contains a total of 30 expressive and high-quality sounds, in addition to including classical piano and electric piano sounds including organ, clavichord, harpsichord, strings, etc. There's a layer mode that layers two patches on top of each other, and a co-op mode that splits the keyboard into left and right sections so two people can play the same pitch range. Two headphone jacks provide convenience for individual study, or for two people to enjoy playing at the same time.

High output amplified speaker part

With two amplifiers, the SP-280 provides 2 x 22 watts of output power - the highest in its class. They deliver a rich sound with deep bass and clear highs, with ample volume for small live events without the need for a PA system.

Exquisite exterior design

Available in black or white, the SP-280's sleek curved design complements any home design, while the newly designed back version creates an attractive stage presence. Because the SP-280 is designed to fit anywhere, it was built with portability in mind - weighing less than 42 pounds, including the stand.

Natural weighted hammer movement

The Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH/Natural Weighted Hammer Action) keyboard provides the same playing feel as a classical piano, with lower, heavier, higher and lighter registers. The Key Touch Control function provides three adjustable dynamic touches, which can be used to specify how dynamic and emotional sound is output.

The SP-280 has a wide variety of functions suitable for a wide range of applications. A metronome is included, and an optional pedal (UP-2) provides a soft and sustain pedal, plus a sustain pedal, to reproduce the full experience of playing a piano. The SP-280 includes a high output amplifier and speaker system, and it can also be connected to any amplifier system via the stereo output.

<Product Specifications>

Keyboard: 88 keys (A0-C8), NH keyboard (naturally weighted hammer)

Choice of force response: light/normal/heavy

Pitch: Transpose, Trim

Atmosphere: 9 kinds

Tone generation: Stereo piano system

Maximum polyphony: 120 voices

Sounds: 30 types - (10×3 Sound Bank: Classical Piano x5, Electric Grand Piano, Electric Piano x6, Harpsichord, Clevis x2, Vibraphone, Marimba, Acoustic Guitar, Jazz Organ x3 , Organ x3, Strings x3, Choir x3)

Effects: Bright, Reverb and Chorus (3 levels optional)

Demonstration Songs: 30 (Audio Demonstration Songs x 10, Piano Demonstration Songs x 20)

Metronome: Tempo, beat mode, accent, voice and volume controls

Connections: Lead Out (L/MONO, R), Lead In, MIDI (In/Out), Headphone x 2, Pedal, Pedal Unit

Power Amplified Speaker: 22W x 2; Speaker: Oval (8cm x 12cm) x2

Pedal: damping sustain pedal (semi-pedaling support), * optional pedal unit

Control switches and buttons: Power, Volume, Piano Song, Transpose, Function, Velocity Sensitive, Brightness, Reverb, Chorus, Sound Bank, Voice x10, Up, Down, Metronome

Power supply: DC 19 V, AC adaptor (included)

Power consumption: 15W

Dimensions (WxDxH): 1361×406×785mm (including tripod, excluding music rest)

Weight: 19kg/41.89lbs (including tripod, excluding music stand)

Accessories: AC Transformer, Music Rest, Tripod, DAMPER Sustain Pedal

Option: Pedal Unit PU-2 #AC#
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