Korg SP280 Digital Piano


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The rich and dynamic classical piano sound can satisfy your performance.
Realistic classic electric piano sound, which can make you perfect live performance.
The high output expands the speaker section to provide a larger volume.
Exquisite and meticulous appearance design.
The Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH/Natural Weighted Hammer Action) keyboard provides the same playing feel as a classical piano.
The lightweight design allows you to place it easily.
New piano stand design.
There is a stereo audio input terminal, allowing you to play together with other external sounds.
SP-280 provides a sense of performance, which is very close to classical piano by switching between four piano samples according to the dynamics of the player's performance. From subtle and extremely weak to super dynamic, its sound will respond to the actual situation of the player. In particular, the "Grand Piano" sound reproduces damped resonance, and you can hear the release of the pedals of a classical grand piano.

Realistic classic electric piano sound, allowing you to perfect live performances

Realistic electric piano sound, very precise. These tones reproduce not only the tactile tone response of the player, but also the subtle key release noise. Six types, covering pop music sounds from the 60s to the 70s.

30 high-quality tones

SP-280 contains a total of 30 rich and high-quality sounds, which include organ, harpsichord, harpsichord, strings, etc. in addition to the sounds of classical piano and electric piano. There is a layering mode to layer two tones together, and a cooperative mode to divide the keyboard into left and right areas, so that two people can play the same pitch area. Two headphone jacks provide convenience for personal learning, or two people can enjoy playing at the same time.

High output amplifier speaker section

The SP-280 comes with two amplifiers and provides 2 x 22 watts of output power-which is the highest in its class. They present a rich sound with deep bass and clear treble. Through their sufficient volume, they do not need to be connected to a PA system when used for small live events.

Exquisite appearance design

Available in black or white, the stylish arc design of SP-280 can match any home design, and the newly designed back version creates an attractive stage performance. Because the SP-280 is designed to fit anywhere, it was built with portability in mind-it weighs less than 42 pounds, including the tripod.

Natural counterweight hammer movement

The Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH/Natural Weighted Hammer Action) keyboard provides the same playing feel as a classical piano. The lower the sound range, the heavier and lighter it is. The Key Touch Control (key touch) function provides three adjustable dynamic feels, which can specify how to play dynamics and what kind of emotional sound output.

SP-280 has a variety of functions suitable for a wide range of purposes. There is a metronome inside, and an optional pedal (UP-2) provides a soft and continuous pedal, plus a sustain pedal to reproduce the complete experience of piano performance. SP-280 contains a high-output amplifier and speaker system, and it can also be connected to any amplifier system through stereo output.

<Product Specifications>

Keyboard: 88 keys (A0-C8), NH keyboard (naturally weighted hammer)

Force response options: light/normal/heavy

Pitch: transpose, fine-tune

Atmosphere: 9 types

Tone generation: stereo piano system

Maximum polyphony: 120 voices

Sounds: 30 kinds-(10×3 sound library: classical piano x5, electronic grand piano, electric piano x6, harpsichord, harpsichord x2, vibraphone, marimba, folk guitar, jazz organ x3 , Organ x3, string x3, chorus x3)

Effects: bright, reverb and chorus (3 levels optional)

Demonstration songs: 30 (sound demo songs x 10, piano demo songs x 20)

Metronome: tempo, beat mode, accent, sound and volume control

Connection: wire output (L/MONO, R), wire input, MIDI (input/output), earphone×2, pedal, pedal device

Power amplifier speaker: 22 watts × 2; speaker: oval (8 cm x 12 cm) × 2

Pedal: Damping damper pedal (semi-pedal support), *A pedal unit can be purchased separately

Control switches and buttons: power, volume, piano music, pitch shift, function, velocity sensing, bright, reverb, chorus, sound library, tone x10, up, down, metronome

Power supply: DC 19 V, AC adaptor (included)

Power consumption: 15W

Dimensions (WxDxH): 1361×406×785 mm (including tripod, excluding music rest)

Weight: 19 kg/41.89 pounds (including tripod, excluding music stand)

Accessories: AC transformer, music rest, tripod, DAMPER pedal

Option: Pedal unit PU-2 #AC#

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