NUX MIGHTY 15SE digital effect speaker


HK$1,180.00  HK$1,680.00

NUX MIGHTY 15SE guitar digital effect speaker

MIGHTY 15SE is NUX's latest 15-watt guitar digital effect speaker. Because MIGHTY 15 is intuitive and easy to use, the sound effect is quite good, and it has been one of the most popular models of NUX for many years. The brand-new MIGHTY 15SE follows the familiar style and interface, and improves the tone on the original basis. The effect is full of dynamics and the touch is first-rate, just like a real tube amplifier! The output of 15 watts is enough for you to get a shocking sound in a small venue without causing complaints from the tuner or neighbors! If you want to get a huge volume HIGH and turn the audience, the LINE OUT output port allows you to output the MIGHTY 15 to a high-power amplifier system!

TS/AC tube simulation algorithm

Unvoiced, 6 kinds of distortion, 4 kinds of peripheral, delay and reverb effects

Three-stage balance adjustment

Delay TAP speed setting

Built-in tuner

CD/MP3 input interface

Headphone and mixer output interface

15 watts

8-inch speaker


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