(Recommended by the store manager in 2021) Yueyao workshop ENA ECD-90 veneer solid wood bakelite guitar


HK$2,588.00  HK$4,188.00

Ena Factory's brand Yueyao Workshop will launch hand-made veneer solid wood guitars in 2021.

The Premium version is 41 inches in size and adds Augustine strings made in the United States.

In Hong Kong, even the most authentic Huang Xiahui endorsement was found.

Compared with the 40-inch Standard version, it can play the best performance of speaker resonance.

Augustine is one of the world’s top guitar string production plants, located in New York, USA

Long-lasting timbre, comfortable playability, and pitch stability. From 1942 to the present, no one can replace string-making technology.

Although many European handmade pianos are made locally, they all need to import Augustine strings from the United States.

The reason Augustine cannot be copied is that the factory does not contract out to produce in Asia, and the secret recipe for manufacturing has been kept secret for a long time .

No one knows his EXP coating ratio, the composition of high-carbon steel, manufacturing procedures, etc., all of which are a mystery in the industry.

The 2021 version is equipped with a pickup function, you can plug in speakers when needed, and use it as an electric guitar.

The neck and strings are both slim design, suitable for Asian hands, easy to play, and more suitable for playing.

The panel is made of Japanese red pine solid wood ( Veneer solid wood , Top Solid),

Generally, a 41-inch guitar on the market requires more than 4,000 yuan to use solid wood.

Veneer means that the wood is from the same wood without adding any miscellaneous wood.

The wood of the panel determines the grade of the guitar, so whether the panel is veneer or plywood, the price is very different.

Plywood is to reduce the consumption of high-quality wood. It will be thinly cut and then added with cheap miscellaneous wood in the middle, so the cost is reduced.

The veneer panel is still resonant in tone transmission, because there is no barrier of wood and adhesive,

Metropolis has an unparalleled advantage over plywood.

And the most important point is that the single board guitar will sound as you play, and resonate with the vibration over the years.

The water and air in the wood will gradually be forced out, and the sound will be more powerful and mellow.

Panel: Japanese red pine solid wood (Cedar)

Japanese red pine is a high-grade wood produced in Mie Prefecture, Japan, and is often used for high-grade classical guitars.

The sound is warm and loud , the transmission speed is fast, and every sound is distinct. For many guitarists who play Fingerstyle, they prefer to use red pine wood guitars.

Another important point is that the red pine wood has a secret resin fragrance , which itself is used to prevent squirrels and insects from attacking.

This fragrance not only adds a woody fragrance to the guitar, but it is also more durable than other woods in the humid environment of Hong Kong.

Back and side panels: Brazilian rosewood

In 2003, Brazil restricted the import and export of rosewood worldwide and lifted the ban in 2018.

But the price has risen by 40%. It's hard to find an introductory guitar made of rosewood made in Brazil.

However, due to its high stability and hard wood, rosewood has not found other woods to replace its tone so far.

Guitar configuration

Neck: Japanese Nadu wood
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Rosewood
Chord length 541mm
Matte finish
Item 20
Color: Log products

Included: piano bag, Pick

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