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wooden fish

wooden fish

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The product, called "Resin Wooden Fish," is made of resin and other synthetic materials in the shape of fish carvings and makes loud sounds. This wooden fish is suitable for knocking on the table, or used in the hand when carrying. It is moderate in weight and easy to carry. Product ships with one pad and one stick. Wooden fish is made of glued on both sides, but it still needs to pay attention to heavy falls.

Under the influence of light, this wooden fish takes on a reddish color called reddish brown. Different sizes of wooden fish will affect the pitch of the sound, the larger the size, the lower the pitch. Wooden fish is a percussion instrument with a shape similar to a sphere and a hollow in the middle, which can be used for sound resonance and sound amplification. There is a sound hole on one side of the wooden fish, which is similar to the F-shaped hole of a violin, so that the sound can be amplified; the other side has a long and flat edge, which is convenient for holding or fixing on a stand, and you can use a drum stick or a small wooden hammer , strike the resonance area of the instrument to make a sound.

Wooden fish was originally used in Taoism to gather congregants, preach scriptures and set up fasts, and was later used by Buddhism. In Buddhist etiquette, wooden fish is one of the most important musical instruments and instruments. Wooden fish of different sizes can often be seen in temples in various Asian countries, and are used for more solemn ceremonial chanting and other occasions. Wooden fish also plays a very important role in Chinese or Asian music. Nowadays, a set of five wooden fish of different sizes is often used, which are fixed by brackets and arranged according to size and high and low to form a harmonious rhythm.

Overall, "Resin Wooden Fish" is a high-quality wooden fish product, which has the advantages of easy portability, clear sound effects, and beautiful design, and is suitable for religious, music, and personal entertainment occasions

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