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[Learn to play drums] Popular drum course Jazz drum teaching class (Mong Kok main store)

[Learn to play drums] Popular drum course Jazz drum teaching class (Mong Kok main store)

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The purpose of the drum course is to master improvisation in 2 months:

✔drum learnerincluding adults or children
✔After completing the course in 2 months, you can play immediately, which can be different styles of music.
✔The course is developed and arranged by Feiteng Music (Hong Kong), and it is also the first innovative course on the market.
✔After completing the course, if you are interested in learning, you can apply for the middle class
✔You can also read the Rock School Drum Exam

The children's orchestra plays drums and improvises play:
4-8 months, goals:

8-12 months, goals:

12-18 months, goals:

Instrument Arrangement:

  • Musical instruments are provided free of charge
  • The recommended electronic drum for practice is Roland Td-1kpx

Basic course content: 

2) Improv training
3) Singing and ear training
4) Furnishing and Emotional Use
5) Correct grip skills (match and traditional grip)
6) Reading skills

7) Basic rhythm training for score reading
8) Rhythm training for Rock and Pop
9) Drum stick mastering skills
10) Simple song ensemble
11) Advanced techniques for advanced score reading
12) Funk Rhythm Training Rhythm Creation

13) Simple Double Bass (double bass drum) to practice triplets
14) 16 points control song ensemble
15) Beat Mastering Skills
16) Drum Kit Awareness
17) Multiple beat recognition
18) Knowledge of music theory
19) Manipulative skills

The following is the monthly / four class fees

Degree Individually 30 minutes Individually 45 minutes Individually 60 minutes 60 minutes in groups of two Groups of three to six 60 minutes
Elementary to Grade 3 (Debut-Grade3) $660 $940 $1180 $700 $540
Grade 4-5 (Grade4-5) / $1120 $1340 $860 $700
Grade 6-8 (Grade6-8) / $1260 $1500 $980 /
Advanced / / $1740 / /


Learn to Drum Course Terms

  • The degree is valid for1 monthAfter 1 month, the degree needs to be renewed, otherwise it will be invalid.
  • this courseno refund, once payment is made, the system will reserve your place. Please refer to the course website before enrolling.
  • The price of this course does not include relatives, friends, etc. to observe the location of the class.
  • This course will be slightly adjusted due to the progress of different classes.
  • The tuition fee of this course cannot be used to exchange for other products or courses of the Bank.
  • This clause will be clearly displayed before enrolment, oncereadYou agree to the above terms.


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