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Chinese Gutang Drum Dragon Drum Wholesale

Chinese Gutang Drum Dragon Drum Wholesale

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As one of the representatives of Chinese national music culture, Chinese drum has a history of thousands of years. Chinese drums play an important role in traditional Chinese music, of which there are four most famous ones, including big drums, hall drums, war drums and waist drums.

Chinese drum

The big drum is one of the most important drums in traditional Chinese music. The drum head diameter is approximately 50-60 cm and the height is approximately 80-90 cm. The bass drum consists of a hardwood frame and a drum head made of animal skin. During the performance, the performer hits the drum head with a drum stick to produce a deep and powerful sound. Dagu is generally used in traditional operas such as Peking Opera and Henan Opera, and is also often used in music performances and dance performances.

Chinese drums

Tanggu is also an important traditional Chinese drum. Its diameter is usually 20-30 cm and its height is 30-40 cm. The tanggu has a sharper sound than the bass drum and can play faster-paced music. Tanggu is usually used in war, military music, dance and other occasions, and is also often used as an accompaniment in performances.

Chinese war drum

The war drum is a powerful and rhythmic drum with a crisp and exciting sound. War drums can inspire people's courage and fighting spirit and are often used in martial arts, folk dances, wars and other occasions.

Chinese waist drum

The waist drum is a traditional Chinese dance drum instrument. Its main features are a small drum head and a short drum body. Players usually hang the waist drum around their waists, and combine beating the drum with jumping, turning and other movements to express the rhythm of dance and a strong visual effect.

Chinese drums occupy an extremely important position in traditional Chinese music. Not only is it an indispensable instrument in performances.

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