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Chinese Percussion Instrument - Bronze Qi

Chinese Percussion Instrument - Bronze Qi

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Bronze cymbals and copper cymbals are round percussion instruments with a diameter of 18 cm, made of brass, and packed in OPP bags. These musical instruments can train children's hearing and strengthen children's musical development.

When playing, hold a piece of cymbal or cymbal in each of the left and right hands, pinch the tether or handle on the cymbal, and the sound effect will be dull and dumb after the impact. When playing, the surface of the jingle is flat, and after the first double click, there is a gap between the two jingsurfaces, and the elasticity is used to make the two jingsurfaces collide several times to produce a continuous jingle sound. In addition, the surfaces of the curium rub against each other, which can also emit special sound effects.

A cymbal is a round percussion instrument made of clapper, between 15 and 50 centimeters in diameter. The shape of cymbals is similar to that of cymbals. Both are made of copper, a round metal plate, and the hemispherical part in the middle is called a bowl or a cap. Each pair of cymbals has two pieces, which can produce sound after hitting each other.

Cymbals are often used in conjunction with cymbals in folk music and opera accompaniment. When playing, each hand holds a cymbal and hits each other, including light hitting, heavy hitting, grinding hitting, and fluttering. Cymbals can also be used to strike the edge of a single cymbal with a small hammer to obtain special sound effects, which are used in ethnic bands and rap accompaniment.

Product information:

product name diameter material Package use
Copper curium 18 cm brass OPP bag Train children's hearing and strengthen children's music training
cymbals 15-50 cm clapper none In folk instrumental ensembles, local operas, singing and dancing accompaniments, and gongs and drums, it is used for ethnic bands and rap accompaniments
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