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[Flute Class] Flute Learning Class for Adults or Children (Mong Kok Main Store)

[Flute Class] Flute Learning Class for Adults or Children (Mong Kok Main Store)

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The most central area of ​​Mongkok

The Mongkok main store is located at Exit E2 of the Bank Center and is the most convenient music school in Kowloon.

Bringing together music lovers

Feiteng Music started playing musical instruments in 2007. In the past 20 years, it has gathered a group of senior students and created a strong learning atmosphere.

Comfortable learning environment

Study room, and space per person are comfortable. Due to the support of students over the years, our prices have been able to remain almost the lowest in the market and serve the largest number of people.

✔Flute learning is suitable for both adults and children
✔After completing the course, you can play it immediately, which can be different styles of music.
✔The course is developed and arranged by Feiteng Music (Hong Kong), and it is also the first innovative course on the market.
✔After completing the course, if you are interested in studying, you can register for middle school
✔You can also apply for the Royal Conservatoire of Music exams

Instrumental arrangements

  • Free musical instruments are provided in the church
  • Recommended practice ENA flute to purchase

Basic course content

Flute class terms

  • Terms Agree : The terms of this course will be clearly stated before students enroll. Enrolling in the course indicates that students have accepted and agreed to all terms. In accordance with Hong Kong's Electronic Transactions Ordinance (Cap. 553), students are not required to sign in writing to accept the terms of this course. If a student receives an electronic copy of these course terms and continues to enroll in the course with clear knowledge of these terms, the student will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to these course terms.
  • Third-party registration : If a student's registration is handled by a third party (such as a relative or friend), the third party is responsible for ensuring that the student fully understands and agrees to all terms of this course. Regardless of whether students participate directly in the registration process, they will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to all terms.
  • Validity period : The student’s degree is valid for three months. If the application is not renewed within three months, the degree will automatically become invalid.
  • Course Content : The content of this course has been determined and will not be modified or personalized to suit the needs or requirements of individual students.
  • Refund Policy : Once tuition has been paid, the amount is non-refundable. After payment is made, the student's degree will be retained. Before enrolling, please read and understand the course syllabus in detail.
  • Course Objectives : The main goal of this course is to teach popular music and is not designed for classical music examinations.
  • Fees: The fees listed are the cost of the degree per student and do not include seats for anyone else (including relatives, friends, etc.).
  • Course Adjustments : The syllabus for this course may be adjusted appropriately based on the pace and needs of different classes.
  • Purpose of fee : Tuition fees cannot be used to exchange for other products or courses of this institution.
  • Code of Conduct : Feiteng Music reserves the right to terminate any student's class qualifications if any form of language or behavior in the classroom affects the normal conduct of the class or the learning environment of other students. In this case, Feiteng Music will not provide any form of refund.
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