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Classroom rental

Classroom rental

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Upright Piano Room / Digital Piano Room

Multipurpose classroom

remedial classroom

Multi-person piano room:

Price list:

Classroom Type


Maximum number of people

Supply branch

Digital Piano Room

$30 / 30min

2 people
All campuses (except Mong Kok main campus)

Upright Piano Room

$35 / 30 min

2 people

Choi Hung, Po Lam, Sha Tin, Tuen Mun Ying Fung, Kowloon Bay, North Point
Electronic drum room $35 / 30 min 2 people Rainbow, Po Lam, Sha Tin

Multipurpose room (digital keyboard + electronic drum)

$60 / 30min 4 people

Choi Hung, Po Lam, Sha Tin, Tuen Mun Ying Fung, Kowloon Bay
remedial classroom $80 / 30min 6 people

All campuses(Except Mong Kok Main Campus)
Multi-person piano room $120 / 30min 6 people

Kowloon Bay, Shatin



1. classroom onlyProvide the equipment listed above.

2. Classroom rental services do not include any secretarial services, such as photocopying, arranging or taking care of students, going out to buy tea, etc.

3. For less than 30 minutes, 30 minutes will be counted. Overtime is also counted in 30 minutes.

4. Eating and drinking are not allowed in the classroom.

5. Classrooms are for practice or teaching purposes only.

6. There is a 24-hour video recording in the classroom for security purposes.

7. For those who violate the terms of use of the classroom, the Bank will immediately terminate its use without refund.

8. The terms will be clearly displayed before renting, and once renting, you agree to the above terms.

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