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Teacher Rachel's Online Piano Lesson Package

Teacher Rachel's Online Piano Lesson Package

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Course period
Course Purpose:
✔This package includes 8 lessons (12 hours) + an Ena Air keyboard
✔Mixed pop and classical piano, ready to play after the lesson

✔After completing the course in 2 months, you can play the piano immediately, which can be popular songs or original songs composed by yourself.

✔ Course The multi-person learning system pioneered in Hong Kong has greatly reduced the cost of learning piano per person.

✔Hand coordination, with Chord, improvisation without spectrum, playing changes, self-playing and self-singing

✔The course is developed and arranged by Feiteng Music (Hong Kong), and it is also the first innovative course on the market.

✔After completing the course, if you are interested in studying, you can apply for the middle class

Class time:
✔2 months | 16 lessons | 45min
✔ Once a week, 2 classes in a row, i.e. 1.5 hours


    • The validity period of the degree is 2 months . After 2 months, the degree needs to be renewed, otherwise it will be invalid.
    • There is no make-up class for this course . The course lasts for 8 weeks and will not be changed to other times due to individual student requirements.
    • This course does not change or customize the course content at the request of individual students.
    • There are no refunds for this course , once payment is made, your spot will be reserved. Please refer to the course website before enrolling.
    • This course is not designed for classical examinations, the course is for pop song teaching.
    • The price of this course is for one head seat, excluding relatives, friends and other positions.
    • This course will be slightly adjusted due to different class progress.
    • This course will be slightly adjusted due to different class progress.
    • These terms and conditions will be clearly displayed prior to enrolling, and once enrolling , you agree to the above terms.

      Course Network:

      Lesson 1: Piano and song writing – What & How

      (a) Concept of pop piano, chord and scales
      (b) Improvisation, solo writing concept

      Lesson 2: Theory – Key & Note
      (a)Correlate the Keys with the Note C,A,G on the staff.
      (b) Rhythmic value of half, quarter notes and Rest.

      Lesson 3:
      Correlate note C,G,Am,F on the Staff
      Song "Canon in C"

      Lesson 4
      Time Signature 3/4, 4/4
      song "Ode to Joy, Jingle bell"

      Lesson 5
      Corrlate note F# on the Staff
      G Major Scale
      song "Happy birthday to you"

      Lesson 6-7

      Song "Broad Ocean and Sky"
      Play along with backing track
      Solo writing concept

      Lesson 8-9
      Song "Fairy Tale"
      High tone notes
      Writing song melody

      Lesson 10-11
      Song "Over the rainbow" in C major
      Major and minor key signature
      Chord structure,chord progressions in song writing

      Lesson 12-13
      Song "Fly me to the moon" in C major
      Writing solo for songs

      Lesson 14-15
      Write your own song
      Composing melody with chord progressions

      Lesson 16

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