Lightweight outdoor performance rental package

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HK$580.00  HK$1,488.00

Busking has started to rise in Hong Kong in recent years. However, a stable set of Busking equipment costs thousands to tens of thousands of yuan.

To discourage many musicians who want to join, the lightweight Busking Package is solving this problem for everyone.

Package is A + B:

A: Roland BA-330 Busking Amp, with dry electricity for $580

B1: Yamaha PSR-E353 electronic keyboard, can be dry power + $120

B2: Alston wooden guitar connected to Amp pickup + $120

B3: Wired microphone with Stand + $120

B4: Wooden box drum +$120

The above is one day's rent, Mong Kok shop picks up and repays it, excluding freight, and a deposit is required.

If you need more different combinations, please contact us to provide you with advice.

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