Roalnd TD-E1 electronic drum


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Roalnd TD-E1 electronic drum

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  • A compact drum kit with the acclaimed sound and performance of V-Drums
  • The TD-1 sound source has built-in 15 expressive drum kits, allowing you to experience a variety of different music styles
  • The PDX-8 snare drum pad with mesh head brings a real playing feeling and supports double triggering of drum head/rim strike
  • Supports basic playing techniques of various acoustic drums, including cymbal gripping stop and advanced playing methods of hi-hats, etc.
  • KD-9 kick drum trigger, providing a hitting experience closer to traditional kick drums, and supports connecting double kick drum pedals
  • Built-in coach function, metronome and recorder to help you improve your playing skills
  • Built-in audio music files, and also equipped with Mix In interface, can be connected to a smart phone or music player, you can follow the built-in music or the sound track in the phone/player for practice
  • The sturdy, highly adjustable overall stand can adjust the height easily and quickly, so that both children and adults can play comfortably
  • Can be connected via USB-MIDI, use popular music software on TD-E1
  • Intuitive user interface for easy operation
15 drum kits, capable of multiple music styles

When playing acoustic drums, you need to set up and assemble according to a specific genre, so that the performance is limited to a single type of style. But this problem does not trouble TD-E1. Built-in 15 kinds of high-quality drum kit sounds, you can easily switch by just pressing the button, and play any different music styles: rock, jazz, world music, electronic dance music and so on. When practicing, you can still rock your life with the strong sound in the first second, and then immediately change the drum set in the second to reproduce the wonderful performance of your beloved band. Each drum kit of TD-E1 simulates the real reaction of each acoustic drum kit. This set of small and independent electronic drums is enough to give you a lot of room for change.

Complete hardware configuration to provide you with a complete playing experience

Some drummers have a little resistance to electric drums, worrying that electric drums cannot be played as real as acoustic drums. You don't need to worry about this problem when using Roland TD-E1. It supports the various techniques you use on traditional drums, and it is especially important for novices to learn the correct performance. Each drum sound has a wide dynamic range and rich timbre effects. The pads also bring you multi-faceted natural expressiveness. The mesh drum skin PDX-8 snare drum pads give you a good feel and support Drum head/rim double trigger. Different from other entry-level drum kits, TD-E1's cymbals have the performance of the V-Drums TD series of high-end models, support double triggering of cymbal surface and edge, and support cymbal muting. Hi-hats can accurately respond to the subtle differences in pedaling movements, injecting personality and color into your performance. The KD-9 kick drum trigger provides you with a striking experience close to that of an acoustic kick drum, and supports double pedaling.

Strong, stable and highly adjustable stand

The compact, easy-to-install bracket provides a strong and stable overall structure for the TD-E1. The classic 4-foot support structure can withstand passionate performance without worrying about excessive shaking; the wide crossbar and flexible holder allow you to hold each The pads and cymbals are adjusted just right; you can easily adjust the height, whether you are an adult or a child, you can easily find a suitable playing position.

The training function makes the exercises more interesting and keeps you interested at all times

There are many interesting functions built into TD-E1, whether it is self-study, regular class or honing skills, these functions can inspire your enthusiasm for learning. As your tutor and personal accompaniment band, TD-E1 is equipped with various practice functions to help you improve your technique and motivation, allowing you to have a lot of fun in the practice process. You can use the built-in metronome to train the sense of timing, and practice rhythm, endurance and accuracy in coach mode. There are built-in music in the sound source, and you can also connect a smartphone or music player to the Mix In interface to play with your favorite music. The recording function allows you to listen to the playback of the performance in time, see your progress at any time, and quickly capture and play back passages or rhythm passages.

Save practice space and adapt to multiple playing styles

If you put a huge set of acoustic drums into your home, whether it is in the living room or the bedroom, it will take up too much space. The space-saving TD-E1 is a practical choice, and its stylish appearance can be integrated with the indoor environment. The sturdy, ergonomic drum stand can be easily adjusted, so both children and adults can play in a comfortable position. In addition, the height of the cymbal and the angle of the snare drum can also be finely adjusted, allowing you to find a comfortable posture that matches your playing style. TD-E1 is not only an ideal choice for students to learn to play drums, but also a good partner for experienced drummers to practice at home or warm up in the background.

Standard USB cable to connect to the computer, save the recorded performance

TD-E1 can be used not only to practice playing, but also to easily connect to a computer to make music. Use the USB cable to connect the TD-E1's USB-MIDI interface with the computer, so that you can use the music software on the computer without connecting other hardware devices. You can transfer your performance to computer recording software to capture inspiration for your new masterpiece. You can also use Melodics For V-Drums teaching software, which can provide you with an interesting and energetic learning platform to help you learn notation and some basic playing skills. No matter which software you choose, the TD-E1 electronic drum can make you grow and progress.

Simple operation, instantly rock

Don't think of electronic drums as complicated anymore! The operation of TD-E1 is very simple, allowing you to grasp it easily. The control panel layout is clear and clear, allowing you to easily and quickly access all functions, and you can see the information on the LED display and the metronome flashing indicator light at a glance.

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