Roland AC-33-RW Hollow Guitar Amplifier Rosewood


HK$4,109.00  HK$5,199.00

Ultra-portable, multifunctional, battery-powered stereo amplifier speaker

Full, deep, stereo portable speaker — AC-33 will make it for you. It is the world's first acoustic guitar speaker that can be powered by AA batteries. Lightweight but full of power, AC-33 provides true stereo, Guitar and Mic/Line channels, self-configurable effects, feedback suppression, and phrase loop recording ( Phrase Looper ) functions. And AC-33 also has a unique feature -it can be powered by AA batteries! Let you perform anytime, anywhere : walk into the fresh air outskirts, or come to the bustling city streets, you can bring music to any place you can imagine.

New rosewood color !

Now AC-33 has a beautiful rosewood cabinet and offers options other than the standard black appearance. The charming wood grain shape perfectly blends into your bedroom or studio style, and complements your beautiful acoustic guitar perfectly.

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