Roland Aerophone AE-10 Electronic Silent Saxophone


HK$6,980.00  HK$10,880.00

Aerophone AE-10 is an all-digital wind instrument, the electronic Saxophone Saxophone has advanced sensor technology, can get very expressive sound.

Using Roland's SuperNATURAL engine, it can provide a variety of saxophone sounds with real response and playing feeling. There are also built-in sounds of many other traditional instruments, as well as many synthesized sounds optimized for breathing control. Aerophone AE-10 can be played with traditional saxophone fingering, and a saxophone player can just pick it up and play.

The fingering and playing method of the AE-10 are all done in accordance with the traditional saxophone, so saxophone players can start playing without much effort. Using sensors to sense breath can make very delicate emotional changes.

Built-in bass, midrange, and soprano saxophone sounds, as well as traditional instrument sounds such as clarinet, flute, British pipe, tuba, and violin, and can even play chords of multiple instruments at the same time.

The AE-10 can be powered by six AA batteries, and it has a speaker to hear the sound of the performance directly. If you connect it with headphones, you can practice quietly by yourself. There is also an external input interface that can be connected to the player, and you can practice with the accompaniment.

AE-10 also has a USB interface, which can be used as a MIDI instrument to play other sound sources in the computer after it is connected to a computer. It can play a sound expressive power that MIDI keys cannot get.

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