(New in 2021) Roland F-701 Digital Piano


HK$11,880.00  HK$17,980.00

Roland F701 The streamlined piano for modern households.

****This price includes home delivery

****Includes X-shaped gift piano chair

****+$480 upgrade to solid wood liftable piano chair

If you are learning piano as a new hobby, or just want to start playing again, you want to choose an instrument that suits your style. Although some traditional pianos may not match modern furnishings, the F701 takes into account the characteristics of modern home furnishings, providing a stylish, low-key cabinet and compact size, which can be easily installed in a small space. However, despite the minimal aesthetics that seamlessly merge with your decor and subtly improve the appearance of any room, the performance of the F701 as a musical instrument is bold and eye-catching.

Roland's dynamic SuperNATURAL sound engine and PHA-4 Standard keyboard can respond to the slightest touch, so you will have a greater expression. Thanks to the powerful dual speaker system, your home will be full of beautiful piano sounds. In order to concentrate during the practice, please enter the "Headphone 3D Atmosphere" effect to obtain an immersive sound field, encouraging you to lose your music. With integrated Bluetooth audio and MIDI, you will practice more and learn faster, with everything from YouTube video lessons to dedicated music apps.

Slide the lid to choose the sound that suits your mood, and then experience F701: a modern piano that looks and feels as good as the sound.

Standard function

  • Roland's SuperNATURAL piano technology is rich in expression
  • All the touch and touch of an acoustic piano with PHA-4 standard keyboard
  • Low-key modern design and compact size, suitable for any room
  • Headphone 3D atmosphere, can bring immersive and realistic playing experience when using headphones to practice
  • Intuitive display and easy-to-use icons
  • Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth audio and play with your favorite songs
  • Compatible with Roland's "Piano Every Day" app, which encourages learners to practice piano more frequently
  • BNC-05 height-adjustable workbench can be purchased (depending on the area)
  • Available in black, white and light oak

The tone and feeling respond to your touch.

F701 has Roland's acclaimed SuperNATURAL sound engine, from the boldest fortissimo to the most exquisite pianissimo, it can faithfully reproduce every aspect of your musical personality. The PHA-4 standard keyboard gives the impression of a piano, with hammer action, escapement and ivory white keys. It is completely real and has a unique "click" sound every time it is played.

The streamlined operation brings an exhilarating playing experience .

F701 has intuitive controls and an easy-to-read icon-driven display that is easy to use and inspiring. Abandon the manual and start to explore more than 300 songs that you can play with you. The easy-to-practice metronome and recording function allow you to evaluate your performance by listening to the content you just played.

The low-key cabinet design complements your house.

The F701 is simple, slim and subtle, with rounded corners and an integrated piano cover that can slide smoothly to reveal the keys, which is perfectly suitable for your home decoration. Even considering the back, the rear connecting lines are neatly arranged so that the piano can face any direction without unsightly wires. With three color options, you can easily find the perfect match for your room: standard black, pure white or light oak, with elegant simulated wood grain.

Use apps and Bluetooth to increase productivity .

F701 focuses on learning and Bluetooth connection, making your practice lessons interesting and efficient. Bluetooth audio allows you to connect your smartphone and play music through piano speakers and play it, while Bluetooth MIDI allows you to easily access online learning platforms such as Skoove. Or try Roland's "Piano Every Day" app, which has a "One Week Master" program that helps you learn new music within a week and automatically record performances to check your performance.

Sound generator
Piano sound SuperNatural Sound
highest Chord 256 voices
tone 324 notes total
keyboard PHA-4 standard keyboard: with escapement and ivory texture (88 keys)
pedal Damper (capable of continuous detection)
Soft (capable of continuous detection, function can be assigned)
Sostenuto (functions can be assigned)
Speaker system
Speaker 12 cm (4-3 / 4 inches) x 2
Rated output power 12 watts x 2
headphones Effect: Headphone 3D environment
Touch sensitivity Keystroke strength: 100 types, fixed strength
Hammer response: 10 types
Master tuning 415.3--466.2 Hz (adjustable in increments of 0.1 Hz)
temperament 10 types (equal, center, center, Pythagoras, Kornberg I, Kornberg II, Kornberg III, Meantone, Werckmeister, Arabic), optional temperament keys
Special effects Brilliant, atmosphere
Piano designer Lid
String resonance
Damper resonance
Key to turn off resonance
Monotone Tune
Single note
Internal song
Internal song 377 songs in total
Listen: 10 songs
Ensemble: 30 songs
Entertainment: 20 songs
Let's sing with DO RE MI: 30 songs
Course: 287 songs (Scale, Hanon, Beyer, Burgmuller, Czerny 100)
Data playback
Playable software Standard MIDI file (format 0, 1)
Audio files (WAV: 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear format, MP3: 44.1 kHz, 64 kbps-320 kbps, USB flash drive required)
Recordable software Standard MIDI file (format 0, 3 parts, about 70,000 notes storage)
Audio file (WAV: 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear format, USB flash drive required)
Bluetooth Audio: Bluetooth version 3.0 (support SCMS-T content protection)
MIDI: Bluetooth version 4.0
Compatible Android/iOS apps (Roland)
Compatible Android/iOS apps (Roland) Piano every day
Piano designer
Convenient functions
Convenient functions Metronome (tempo/beat/downbeat/pattern/volume/pitch)
Transpose (semitone)
Speaker volume and headphone volume automatic selection function
Volume limit function
Speaker is automatically muted
Panel lock
Automatic shutdown
cabinet Music stand: fixed angle
Key cover: foldable
display Graphic OLED 128 x 64 dots
Connector DC In jack
Input jack: Stereo mini phone type
USB computer port: USB B type
USB memory port: USB Type A
Phone jack x 2: Stereo mini phone type, stereo 1/4-inch phone type
power supply AC adaptor
energy consumption Power consumption: 20 W (when using the included AC adapter)
*Approximate power consumption when playing piano at medium volume: 4 W
*Power consumption when no sound is played after booting: 3 W
Accessories user's manual
"Safe Use of This Machine" Flyer Disc
Collection of "Roland Piano Masterpiece" (only applicable to China)
AC adaptor
power cable
Headphone hook
Option (sold separately) headphones
With lid closed 1,360 (W) x 345 (D) x 781 (H) mm
53-9/16(W)x 13-5/8(D)x 30-3/4(H) inches
open the lid 1,360 (W) x 345 (D) x 913 (H) mm
53-9/16 (W) x 13-5/8 (D) x 36 (H) inches
*Stabilizer installed
weight 36.0 kg / 79 lb 6 oz

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