Roland FP-E50 Digital Piano 88 key digital piano


HK$8,380.00  HK$11,880.00

A Modern Portable Piano with Powerful Entertainment Features

FP-E50 Bring you a high-quality digital piano experience——and more. This fun portable instrument is filled with Roland State-of-the-art technology provides a complete creative center for learning, performing and creating music.

ZEN-Core sound engine

use SuperNATURAL piano engine and 88 develop and play authentic piano technique with each of the counterweighted keys. use advanced ZEN-Core Sound Engine Explore synths, orchestral sounds, and more, with interactive accompaniment support putting your entire orchestra in control. Connect a microphone and sing with vocal effects and real-time harmonies. and pass Bluetooth® audio/MIDI support, onboard recording, computer connectivity, and Roland Cloud Numerous expansion options on the go further.

Roland FP-E50 Digital Piano is an 88-key digital piano with more than 700 tones. It is equipped with SuperNATURAL piano sound engine and PHA-4 standard 88-key hammer action keyboard, bringing real grand piano sound and touch.

find your voice

Sing along with your keyboard performance using the FP-E50's mic input and studio-quality vocal effects. Liven up sounds with rich ambience and tighten them with compressors and noise suppressors. Play with impressive real-time harmonies that magically follow the chords you play. Or surprise your audience with a voice changer effect that can change your gender or turn you into a sassy robot. There's even a vocoder for creating vintage electronic sounds and choir sounds that you can channel through notes on the keyboard.

Scalable ZEN-Core

In addition, the FP-E50 features an expandable ZEN-Core sound engine with 1018 onboard sounds, including synthesizers, orchestral and world instruments, guitars, basses, drums, and more. This product is packed with entertainment features such as interactive accompaniment, microphone input and professional vocal effects, Bluetooth audio/MIDI support, and more.

The FP-E50 also features a streamlined panel with intuitive controls and a smooth workflow.

Detailed product specifications:

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