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(2024 Store Manager Recommendation) Roland FP30x Digital Piano

(2024 Store Manager Recommendation) Roland FP30x Digital Piano

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Roland fp-30x 88-key digital piano

  • Original pedals included and X stand included
  • Includes door-to-door delivery (SF Express)
  • Includes online or offline credit card payment processing fees

The Roland FP-30x is one of the three best-selling entry-level digital pianos on the market.

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Kelvin Sir reviews Roland fp30x

Roland FP-30X is a popular entry-level digital piano. A special feature of this piano is its PHA-4 standard keyboard, which features 88 full-size keys, providing a comprehensive range of expression.

the feeling you will experience

Impressively, this piano's keyboard has a special feel, and you'll enjoy the same touch with your fingers as if you were playing a large acoustic instrument. This feeling comes from the hammer action, escapement and ivory feel of the keyboard. When you play, you will feel a subtle "click" feeling on the keyboard. This is because Roland's SuperNATURAL sound engine works silently behind the scenes, absorbing every subtle change you make.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the FP-30X is impressive. Its onboard stereo speakers deliver amazing power and personality during playing. If you need greater sound coverage, you can connect external powered speakers via a dedicated output jack. At the same time, it also has a dedicated mode that can adjust the sound to the best quality when placing the piano on the table.

Mobility and portability

The size and weight of the FP-30X are within acceptable limits. Its compact design and manageable weight allow this piano to be easily moved around your home and stored conveniently when not in use.


Its connectivity is also strong. It supports Bluetooth audio and MIDI, and can connect with your iOS or Android device, allowing you to stream music through piano speakers or headphones. Additionally, you can use Bluetooth MIDI to connect to music creation apps like Roland’s Zenbeats or Apple’s GarageBand.

Areas for further improvement

While the FP-30X does a lot of things very well, I think there are some areas that need improvement. First, its display interface needs further improvement. I think a more intuitive display interface would make it easier for users to master the various functions of the piano. Also, even though it has foot pedals included, I think it would be a nice improvement if a higher quality metal foot pedal was available.

Roland FP30x Details

Feature name describe
keyboard type 88 keys (PHA-4 standard keyboard: with strike mechanism and ivory touch)
pedal Includes plastic sustain pedal
number of sounds SuperNATURAL piano sound effects
piano 12 sounds
Electric piano 20 sounds
other 24 sounds
Speaker/amplifier Speaker: 12cm x 2
Power output 11W x 2
display interface none
Bluetooth connection Supports Bluetooth audio + MIDI
Headphone output Headphone jack x 2: Stereo small phone type, Stereo 1/4-inch phone type
audio output Output (L/mono, R) jack: 1/4-inch telephone type
USB function USB TO HOST & USB TO DEVICE (memory stick)
Color options black or white
Other noteworthy features Metronome (adjustable rhythm/beat/volume/pitch)
pitch shift Keyboard/Song: Adjustments in Semitones
double tone have
Split Adjustable split point
double piano have
Automatic shut-down have
size Width 1300mm x Depth 284mm x Height 150mm
weight 14.8kg

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