Roland FP30x Digital Piano


HK$5,988.00  HK$8,980.00

The latest model in 2021, Roland FP-30X, real hearing and tone.

Forget the lightweight keyboard of a typical mid-range portable piano, just press a key on the PHA-4 standard keyboard, and you will immediately know that the FP-30X is on top of other keyboards. The piano is equipped with 88 full-size keys, which can provide a complete way of expression as your playing skills and composition skills develop.

Comparison of Roland FP-30 and FP-30X according to me

With the help of the action of the hammer, the escapement and the ivory texture, you can enjoy the same touch as your fingers like a large acoustic instrument, and you can get a subtle "click" sensation by pressing the keys at the same time.

Roland's powerful SuperNATURAL sound engine is behind the real feel and playability. It absorbs all the nuances of experienced pianists and helps new players develop more personality and motivation.

No matter where you play, it is impressive. The powerful onboard stereo speakers of the FP-30X provide surprising power and personality during performance, and complement the sound engine to further develop your performance.

Moreover, if you need greater sound coverage, just connect an external active speaker through a dedicated output jack. For home practice, please try a dedicated mode that adjusts the sound to the best quality when the FP-30X is placed on the desktop, or connect headphones to dual outputs for silent practice during the day or night, whether it is solo or with a piano teacher .

The mini piano has great potential. The portable FP-30X meets with professionals. With its amazingly compact footprint and very easy-to-control weight, the instrument can be easily moved between the most convenient and inspiring locations in your home, and it is easy to store when not in use.

FP-30X can also adapt as your technology develops, whether it is placed on a KSC-70 stand for upright performance, or through the easy-to-connect three-pedal KPD-70 unit or DP-10 shock-absorbing pedal for you The playing adds life. Play with music tracks and learn faster via Bluetooth and USB.

FP-30X enables you to focus on long-term learning through advanced connectivity features. Use Bluetooth audio and your iOS or Android device to stream music through piano speakers or headphones, play with your favorite artists, and improve your skills by following online piano lessons. Furthermore, use Bluetooth MIDI to connect to music creation applications such as Roland's Zenbeats or Apple's GarageBand.

To maintain a fresh way of health preservation, please connect to Roland's " Piano Every Day " application to automatically record and play your daily practice activities with the piano tone of your choice. The FP-30X even has a USB audio/MIDI connection, allowing you to connect to a computer and record tracks in professional music production software.

Roland FP-30x basic information
Basic size 1300(W) x 284(D) x 151(H) mm

51-3/16 (width) x 11-7/8 (D) x 5-7/8 (height) inches

weight 14.8 kg / 32 lb 10 oz
Number of voices 56 (12 pianos) speakers 11W x 2 (12 cm)

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