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Roland GO-61k | GO-61p 61-key semi-gravity electronic keyboard

Roland GO-61k | GO-61p 61-key semi-gravity electronic keyboard

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Use your smartphone to play and learn along with unlimited online songs and lessons

Learning piano for the first time may feel difficult and frustrating. But Roland's GO:PIANO works with your smartphone to provide you with a simple and hassle-free learning solution. When you use Bluetooth to connect your smartphone wirelessly, you can take advantage of unlimited free online resources to make learning faster and more fun, including online piano lessons, karaoke, instructional videos of your favorite songs, and more.

Use GO:PIANO's built-in Bluetooth speaker to play along with rich online resources, or make use of its compact, space-saving, portable design, battery power supply, and headphone support to make music on the go. Plus, with the natural sound from Roland's outstanding digital pianos, you'll continue to enjoy using this piano even if you own a larger instrument in the future. Take your smartphone and start your music journey with GO:PIANO!


  • Built-in high-quality Bluetooth speaker can connect to smartphones wirelessly
  • Compact and lightweight, can be played and stored anywhere
  • Can be powered by battery and Bluetooth connection function, completely wireless operation
  • Compact and affordable instrument with excellent piano performance
  • 61-note keyboard with standard-size keys and expressive key response
  • Bluetooth MIDI function supports music apps used on your smartphone or tablet
  • Built-in metronome, transposition and recording functions to assist your daily practice
  • Use the built-in speakers or headphones to play music anytime

Wirelessly connect your smartphone and use online resources to learn faster

A smartphone can make your GO:PIANO play its most powerful functions. The Bluetooth function of this instrument can easily connect to your smartphone or tablet, use songs from your music library or free online courses, and play online through the built-in high-quality speakers or your headphones music. If you want more intensive piano training, in addition to individual piano lessons, there are many excellent apps and online courses that can allow you to start your learning. With GO:PIANO and your smartphone, you'll have the best possible start.

Small size allows you to enjoy real piano performance

Not all families have enough space to plan a dedicated piano room for a traditional piano. But the compact and lightweight design of GO:PIANO also means that you are no longer restricted by any environment and can devote yourself to your passion for music. Place it in any space you want, then turn on your smartphone, and you can start playing immediately without any complicated settings or troublesome wiring issues. When you need to practice piano silently, GO:PIANO allows you to plug in your headphones and enjoy the music without worrying about disturbing your neighbors.

Battery powered and wireless smartphone connection, you can play music anytime, anywhere

A traditional piano ties you to one place. But with GO:PIANO and your smartphone, you can always start making music immediately when inspiration strikes. With its compact size and battery-powered features, GO:PIANO can follow you wherever you go, allowing you to play through speakers or practice using headphones. When connected wirelessly to your smartphone, it can become your piano room anytime, anywhere.

The 61-key standard keyboard allows you to enjoy the feel of traditional piano playing

It’s frustrating to learn piano using a keyboard instrument that doesn’t feel realistic to play. GO:PIANO is different from the lightweight keyboards commonly used in portable keyboards. Its 61 full-size keys provide the playing feel and performance of a traditional piano. It allows you to hone your skills while ensuring that you can easily transition to a larger keyboard if you choose to play in the future. Even if you already have other instruments, your GO:PIANO is still a great portable piano for you to use at home and on the go.

Roland's responsive piano sounds inspire your musicality

The excellent sound will make you addicted to playing the piano. GO:PIANO has built-in Roland's acclaimed excellent piano sound to inspire your musicality. You'll hear notes full of character when you play any key, responding smoothly to your touch, just like a traditional grand piano. Brings dynamics to your playing, inspires you to improve, and supports your musical ambitions as your technique matures. GO:PIANO also has built-in electric piano, organ and other sounds, allowing you to enjoy exploring different music styles.

The app’s built-in accessibility features help you practice more effectively

When you practice alone, it's easy to lose focus, but GO:PIANO has many tools to support your daily practice. These functions can be used directly on the friendly panel control device. Using a metronome allows you to practice your sense of time, and transposing the keyboard to different pitches can be helpful when writing songs. The convenient built-in recorder captures your performance, allowing you to evaluate your progress.

Use your smartphone to create high-quality videos with GO:MIXER

When you play something great, you want to share it with everyone. Recording video with your smartphone is incredibly easy, but the built-in microphone always has poor sound quality. Plug your phone into Roland's coolest GO:MIXER together with GO:PIANO, and you can capture the great piano sound directly into your video while recording. You can also plug other audio sources into GO:MIXER, such as a microphone or another keyboard. It couldn't be easier to combine your smartphone, GO:PIANO, and GO:MIXER to create high-quality, professional videos to share on social media.

Number of keyboard keys: 61 keys (Ivory texture and Box-shape Keys, with velocity sensitivity) Touch sensitivity Touch force: 3 types of sound sources Maximum number of simultaneous sounds: 128 voices MIDI specifications Compatible with GM2 tone count Piano: 10 tone sounds Piano (E.Piano): 7 kinds of timbres Organ (Organ): 7 kinds of timbres Others: 16 kinds of timbres (including drum set, SFX special effects set) Effects Multi-effects/Harmony/Reverb
*Only the reverb level can be adjusted.

Piano tone specific:
Damper Resonance (continuously on) Standard pitch 415.3 Hz–466.2 Hz (in 0.1 Hz adjustment units) Transposition -5–+6 (in semitones) Octave rise and fall -3–+3 Sampling frequency 44.1 kHz Metronome speed Quarter note = 5–300 Time signature 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 Recorder storage format Standard MIDI file (Format 0) Song storage capacity 99 songs (within the limit of note capacity) Note capacity approximately 30,000 notes Tempo quarter note = 5–300 beat analysis value 96 beats per quarter note Bluetooth BLUETOOTHBluetooth Ver 4.2 Support specifications: A2DP (Audio), GATT ( MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy (low energy Bluetooth)
Codec: SBC (Supports SCMS-T content protection) MIDIBluetooth Ver 4.0 Other display Character LCD (with backlight) Expanded speaker output 2.5 W x 2 speakers 12 x 6 cm (4-3/4 x 2-3/8 inches) x 2 connection terminals PHONES/OUTPUT jack: Stereo mini headphone type
AUX IN jack: Stereo mini headphone type
PEDAL jack: 1/4-inch headphone type
USB COMPUTER port: USB Micro-B type (MIDI)
DC IN jack power supply AC adapter or alkaline batteries (AA, LR6) / Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (AA, HR6) x 6
*Carbon-zinc batteries cannot be used. Powered by 500 mA continuous use NiMH rechargeable batteries (AA, HR6): approx. 6 hours Alkaline batteries (AA, LR6): approx. 4 hours
*The above data will be subject to change based on actual usage conditions. Attached user manual file "USING THE UNIT SAFELY"
Music stand
AC adapter optional equipment (optional) Keyboard stand: KS-12
Pedal: DP series dimensions (excluding music stand) 877 mm wide
34-9/16 inches 271 mm deep
10-11/16 inches high 82 mm
3-1/4 inches small size (including music stand) 877 mm wide
34-9/16 inches deep 314 mm
12-3/8 inches high 254 mm
10 inches weight (excluding AC adapter and music stand) weight 3.9 kg
8 lbs 10 oz

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