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Roland officially released the new HP700 series of household electric steel. The author is the latest generation of Roland's famous HP series of household electric piano. The HP700 series includes two models, hp702 and hp704.

Product details:
With the latest generation of piano playing, the hp704 and the hp704 are inspired by the elegant performance of the piano and the latest generation of Bluetooth Strong support is needed for music growth and family entertainment.

It's a wonderful experience in life whether you study or watch your family ignite their passion for music, play the piano and enjoy music. Since 1972, Roland has been committed to creating the ultimate piano playing experience, and HP series electric piano is one of the classic representative works.

Inspired by "making life wonderful with music", HP700 series adopts the upgrading technology to stimulate music expression to escort your dream, encourage you to keep practicing to improve yourself, and let yourself and your family enjoy music together. You can also choose the appropriate body style, color and speaker system according to your own home style.


Main features:

Advanced sound source technology brings true and full piano timbre

Unlike most electric pianos, the HP700 series uses supernatural piano modeling Sound source: Roland is proud of its modeling technology, which can reproduce the complex physical interaction when the original piano produces sound, including the playing of notes, the resonance of strings, and the interaction among many elements of piano timbre. You will hear and feel the difference when playing each timbre, with realistic original piano timbre and responsiveness. The final presentation is thick, smooth and smooth The full piano timbre truly shows the details of your performance

Powerful interactive learning and entertainment functions
HP700 series is very suitable for interactive learning. Users can wirelessly connect the piano with smart phones or tablet computers through Bluetooth, and improve their performance skills through online tutorials. When no one plays, it can also be used as a home entertainment system to play dynamic and high fidelity music.


In addition, with Roland's unique piano every day -- IOS mobile app, you can encourage regular performance practice. After downloading and installing, you can browse and purchase more than 70000 songs from the online music library of sheet music direct, use the one week master function to learn new songs regularly, and explore other interactive functions that can stimulate daily progress.

Elegant appearance, classic design and home integration
Elegant and modern appearance, with the same design language as the award-winning Roland lx700 series, can be integrated into any home space.

Compared with the traditional vertical piano, it has compact size and greatly reduced weight, so it can be easily moved to the most suitable position. The volume controlled built-in speaker can make the room full of rich and inspiring sound, which can be used for daily performance and performance at home. When connecting the headphones, it can provide an immersive, multi-dimensional sound experience, without playing Disturbing family or neighbors.

Roland's selection and production of finishes for the HP700 series presents a charming appearance, making it a proud presence in the home. Hp704 and hp702 models have white, carbon black, dark rosewood and light oak finishes. Flagship hp704 also has classic black piano paint to choose from.

Play your favorite music, improve your playing skills, and enjoy it with your family, so that you can have a life of flowing music in any scene. No matter why you buy a piano, HP700 series can help you realize it one by one.

With the flexibility and expressiveness to adjust any type or performance standard, you will have an instrument that grows with you and brings style, culture and music into your home.

Original piano timbre audition:

Electronic piano timbre audition:

Other voice auditions:


Music source piano music source: super natural piano modeling

Maximum simultaneous number of voices Piano: Unlimited (using piano category timbre solo)
Others: 384 timbres, a total of 324 timbres

Keyboard pha-50 keyboard

Wood and plastic hybrid structure with escape mechanism and ebony / Ivory texture (88 keys)

Pedal pedal progressive tone extension mechanism pedal (tone extension pedal:

With continuous detection of stepping action, soft pedal: with continuous detection / self setting function,

Partial tone pedal: self setting function)

Speaker system speaker system acoustic projection speaker body speaker + near field speakers: 12 + 2.5 cm X2 (coaxial speaker)

Space speakers: 5 cm x 2 rated output power 25 W x 2

5 W x 2 headset effect: headset 3D ambience tuning,

Sound touch sensitivity, touch strength: 100 kinds, fixed strength
Mallet response: 10 standard pitches, 415.3 – 466.2 Hz (adjusted in 0.1 Hz)

There are 10 classical tonal laws (equal, just major, just minor, Pythagorean, kirnberger I, kirnberger II, kirnberger III, meantone, werckmeister, Arabic),

Adjustable master effector brilliance, ambience piano designer lid adjustment

Key off noise
Hammer noise
Duplex Scale
Full scale string resonance
Damper resonance
Key off resonance
Piano resonance
Soundboard type
Damper noise
Single note tuning
Single note volume
Single note character features 382 songs
Enjoy: 15 songs
Ensemble: 30 pieces
Entertainment: 20 songs
Do re mi lesson: 30 songs
Course: 287 tunes (scale, Hanon, Bayer, bouguermaitreya, Cherney 100) play file, play file standard MIDI file (format 0,1)
Audio file (WAV: 44.1 kHz, 16 bit linear format,

Mp3: 44.1 kHz, 64 Kbps - 320 kbps, USB portable disc required) recorder can record standard MIDI files (format 0, 3 voice parts, about 70000 notes capacity)

Audio file (WAV: 44.1 kHz, 16 bit linear format, USB portable disk required) Bluetooth Bluetooth Audio: Bluetooth ver 3.0 (support scms-t content protection)

MIDI: Bluetooth ver 4.0 compatible with Android / IOS apps (Roland) compatible with Android / IOS apps (Roland) piano every day

Piano designer convenient function convenient function metronome (adjustable speed / time sign / remake / beat style / volume / voice)

Registration setting memory

Overlapping timbre
Twin Piano (with independent mode)
Transposition (semitone)
Speaker volume and headphone volume automatic selection function
Volume limit function
Panel lock
Automatic shut-down music stand: adjustable inclination (3 segments), with score holder
Keyboard cover: sliding type, with keyboard cover switch and classical piano position, other displays OLED 128 x 32 dots connection terminal DC in hole
Input port: stereo mini headset
Output (L / mono, R) connector: 1 / 4 inch earphone
USB computer port: USB B type
USB memory port: USB a type
Phone connector x 2: stereo mini headset, stereo 1 / 4 inch headset power supply, AC transformer power consumption 13W (12W – 30W) accessory manual
File "using the unit safe"
Roland Piano Masterpieces
AC transformer
power cord
Earphone hook (optional) earphone size (including Piano stand, music stand)

1377 mm in width, 468 mm in depth, 1113 mm in height

Width 1377 mm, depth 468 mm, height 957 mm, weight (including Piano stand)

HP704-PE61.0 kgHP704-CH,HP704-DR,HP704-LA,HP704-WH59.5 kg

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