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ROLAND CUBE STREET EX Speakers: Battery-Powered Stereo Speakers

High-quality portable speakers for roadshows

The compact, battery-operated ROLAND CUBE STREET speakers are beloved by a large number of traveling musicians. Now, ROLAND brings you a new upgrade, a more powerful CUBE STREET EX portable speaker, with more channels and more functions. Powerful 50 watts, stereo speaker system with dual woofers and tweeters gives you clean, punchy volume. 4 independent channels allow you to connect a variety of different devices, such as microphones, instruments, etc. Built-in EQ and reverb controls allow you to modify your sound, and use COSM amp simulation to make your guitar sound even better. You can choose different power output modes, 8 AA batteries can let you use up to 20 hours. If necessary, you can connect 2 CUBE STREET EXs together for sound reinforcement in larger occasions. By connecting your IPHONE or iPad to the I-CUBE LINK jack, you can play back the accompaniment or record your performance.

ROLAND's innovative technology uses 8 AA batteries to provide 50 watts of super power

Optional power output mode extends battery life for different performance environments (Max: 50W/5hrs; Regular: 25W/10hrs; ECO: 10W/20hrs*)

Portable, light-weight design (7.4KG), sturdy and durable body with one injection of ABS

Dual 8-inch woofers and 2-inch tweeters provide you with powerful full-range stereo sound

4 independent channels can connect a variety of devices, such as microphones, musical instruments and audio equipment, etc.

2 XLR mic inputs allow 2 singers to sing at the same time

COSM amp simulations for electric guitars, including CLEAN, CRUNCH and LEAD; acoustic guitar preamps for a cleaner, more natural sound

The inclined placement design is more suitable for stage sound reinforcement; the fixing hole allows you to install it on the optional ST-A95 speaker bracket

When used as a stage monitor, the stereo line output interface can be connected to an external sound reinforcement system

The stereo connection interface can connect 2 CUBE STREET EX to meet the needs of sound reinforcement in larger occasions

It is easy to use IPHONE/IPAD for recording through I-CUBE LINK interface and free IOS application

Optional CB-CS2 Waterproof Carrying Case

* Continuous use time when using rechargeable AA NiMH batteries

Like a small PA system

Equipped with 50 watts of power, with two 8-inch woofers and two tweeters, CUBE STREET EX easily brings you clean and dynamic sound. Thanks to ROLAND's new circuit technology, you can hear high-quality sound that other brands of battery-powered speakers can't achieve. The output power has 3 levels for you to adjust - maximum (50 watts), normal (25 watts), ECO (10 watts) - you can adjust it according to your needs to suit the needs of different occasions. When using ECO mode, 8 AA NiMH batteries can be used for up to 20 hours! You can also use the AC adapter to power the CUBE STREET EX.

A variety of input interfaces to meet the needs of different occasions performances

The CUBE STREET EX built-in mixer has 4 independent channels, and the rich connection functions can meet the needs of various players. Mic/Instrument, Mic/Guitar channels and XLR/TRS multi-function connectors can be connected to microphones or devices with 1/4-inch output connectors, each channel is equipped with 3-band EQ and reverb effects. The mono/stereo line input channel is equipped with a 1/4-inch interface, and the audio input channel is equipped with a small three-core interface, and also supports I-CUBE LINK. In addition, the AUX IN connector on the back panel allows you to connect other mono devices.

The versatile CUBE STREET EX can meet the performance needs of various musicians, such as:

Singer, guitarist, synthesizer and drummer

2 singers, keyboard players and accompanists

Electric and acoustic guitars, drum machines

Singer, guitarist, drum machine and accompaniment

Powerful COSM amp simulation and effects to perfect your guitar tone

Just connect your guitar to the CUBE STREET EX to get professional high-quality sound. Includes COSM tones LEAD, CRUNCH, CLEAN for electric guitar, and an acoustic guitar emulation. Equipped with AC preamp simulation optimized for acoustic/electric guitar and built-in tuner, you can also use chorus/delay and reverb effects, and control the on/off of effects through optional footswitches to provide maximum performance for your performance. convenient.

Performing and recording with I-CUBE LINK and CUBE JAM

With ROLAND's innovative I-CUBE LINK interface, you can combine CUBE STREET EX with IPHONE, IPAD or IPOD TOUCH for performance or recording. Use the included cable to connect your device through the I-CUBE LINK interface to achieve two-way communication with your favorite music software. ROLAND provides you with the free CUBE JAM app, allowing you to accompany music selected from the ITUNES music library, or record your performance into CUBE JAM. CUBE JAM also includes a variety of functions for practice and performance, such as independent pitch\speed adjustment, using the center cancel function you can achieve accompaniment or karaoke.

Can be mounted on a stand and extended

When you place it on the ground, the CUBE STREET EX's angled placement design allows you to better monitor the sound of your performance on stage. For wider sound coverage, you can mount it on the optional ST-A95 speaker stand. Using the convenient stereo connection function, 2 CUBE STREET EXs can be connected together to provide you a stereo PA system with 8 inputs.

Rugged and lightweight body design

The CUBE STREET EX has the same high-quality body design as the ROLAND CUBE series. Its body is made of high-strength ABS and has undergone strict durability tests to ensure that you can use it normally in different outdoor environments. In addition to the sturdy body design, the light weight of the CUBE STREET EX allows you to carry it out without any worries. The optional CB-CS2 carrying case has a convenient shoulder strap and pockets for accessories, and its waterproof design allows you to protect the speaker while traveling.

Maximum output power 50 W (25 W + 25 W) Rated input level (1 KHZ) Mic/Instrument input: -50/-10 DBU

Mic/guitar input: -10 DBU

Linear Input: -10 DBU

Audio input (I-CUBE LINK): -10 DBU

Aux In/Stereo Link In: -10 DBU Rated Output Level (1 KHZ) Line Out (L/MONO, R)/Stereo Link Out (L, R): -10 DBU Speaker Bass: 20 CM (8") X 2

Treble: 5 CM (2 inches) X 2

control power switch

Battery check/mute button

Power output power switch (ECO, normal, maximum)


Selector switch (microphone, instrument)

volume knob

Low frequency knob

IF knob

high frequency knob

Reverb Knob


Tuning button


volume knob

Low frequency knob

IF knob

high frequency knob

Chorus/Delay Knob (Chorus, Delay)

Reverb Knob


volume knob

[Linear input]

volume knob

Battery check/mute button

Stereo Link/Line Out Switch Indicator Power


Battery Check/Mute

Tuner interface [MIC/INSTRUMENT]

Input jacks: Composite type (XLR type, 1/4-inch TRS phone type), balanced

Foot switch (reverb) jack: 1/4 inch TRS phone type


Input jacks: Composite type (XLR type, 1/4-inch TRS phone type), unbalanced

Foot switch (TIP: chorus/delay, RING: reverb) jack: 1/4 inch TRS phone type


STEREO AUDIO IN (I-CUBE LINK) jack: 4-pin mini-phone type

[Linear input]

Stereo line input (L/MONO, R) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type

Auxiliary Input/Stereo Link Input jack: 1/4-inch phone type

Line Out (L/MONO, R)/Stereo Link Out (L, R) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type

Headphone jack: Stereo 1/4 inch headphone type

DC IN connector power supply AC adapter (DC 13 V)

Alkaline batteries (AA, LR6) X 8

Rechargeable NiMH batteries (AA, HR6) X 8 current 730 MA battery continuous use time [Power output power switch: maximum (max output power: 50 W)]

Alkaline batteries: about 4 hours

Rechargeable NiMH battery: about 5 hours (*1)

[power supply output power switch: normal (maximum output power: 25W)]

Alkaline batteries: about 8 hours

Rechargeable NiMH battery: about 10 hours (*1)

[Power output power switch: ECO (Maximum output power: 10W)]

Alkaline batteries: about 16 hours

Rechargeable NiMH battery: about 20 hours (*1)

*1 When using a battery with a capacity of 2,450MAH.

* This data varies according to battery specifications, battery capacity and usage conditions.

Accessory User Manual

AC adapter

power cable

Mini cable (4-pin mini-phone type) optional (sold separately) Carrying case CB-CS2

Foot switch (BOSS FS-5U, BOSS FS-6)

Speaker bracket: ST-A95 length 490 MM

19-5/16 inches wide 341 MM

13-7/16 inches high 305 MM

12-1/16 inch weight 7.4 KG

16 LBS. 6 OZ

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