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2024 Roland lx705 digital piano

2024 Roland lx705 digital piano

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Roland lx-705 88-key digital piano

  • Includes original wooden frame, tripod, piano chair
  • Includes door-to-door delivery (SF Express), installation
  • Includes online or offline credit card payment processing fees

The Roland LX-705 is one of the three best-selling upright wood-key digital pianos on the market.

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Kelvin Sir reviews Roland lx705

Roland's prestige in the digital piano market is no secret, and the LX705 is a testament to the company's commitment to quality and innovation. This review will delve into every aspect of the LX705, highlighting its strengths and recognizing its limitations, while maintaining an overall positive view of this fascinating instrument.

main feature

PHA-50 keyboard and Progressive Damper Action pedal

Piano feel and response are critical, and the LX705's PHA-50 keyboard provides an unparalleled playing experience. Whether it's a powerful stroke or a gentle touch, this responsive keyboard faithfully reflects the player's technique.

PureAcoustic Piano Modeling Technology

Roland's PureAcoustic Piano Modeling technology provides players with authentic traditional piano sounds. Whether it is European or American piano sound modules, it can give players a variety of sound options.

Acoustic Projection System

Even though the LX705 has fewer speakers than other models such as the LX708 and LX706, its Acoustic Projection system can still provide sufficient sound support for various musical situations. The specific role of each speaker can provide excellent sound reproduction within the dynamic range of the piano. .

modern design

The LX705 has a simple and stylish body design, and its shape is suitable for a variety of spaces, from living rooms to apartments. The appearance is elegant and complements the interior decoration.

Bluetooth connection and Roland Piano App

Through Bluetooth technology, players can connect their smartphones or tablets to the piano body and use the piano's speaker system to play music. Additionally, compatibility with the Roland Piano App further motivates practice.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • PHA-50 Keyboard : Offers superior feel and response for a variety of playing techniques.
  • Tone texture : Use PureAcoustic Piano Modeling technology to provide a variety of high-quality timbres.
  • Sound System : Even with its relatively small size, the four-speaker Acoustic Projection system delivers rich and powerful sound.
  • Exterior Design : Modern and simple design makes it a highlight of any space.


  • Number of speakers : Compared with high-end models, the LX705 has a smaller number of speakers, which may not be enough for professionals looking for ultimate sound quality.
  • Price : As a mid-to-high-end digital piano, the LX705’s price may not be suitable for beginners on a budget.

in conclusion

The Roland LX705 is undoubtedly a high-quality digital piano for intermediate to expert players looking for an authentic playing experience. Its unique keyboard technology, advanced sound simulation and ample audio support make it stand out in its price range. While its speaker system and price may present a barrier to some consumers, the LX705 is still a worthy investment for those looking for quality and performance.

As a result, the Roland LX705 digital piano provides an elegant and practical music companion for home and professional environments with its outstanding features and functions.

Roland lx-705 details

project Detailed description
sound source PureAcoustic Piano Modeling
Maximum number of simultaneous sounds Piano: Unlimited (use piano category tones for solo play) Others: 256
Number of timbres There are 324 sounds in total
AMBIENCE PureAcoustic Ambience Type: Studio, Lounge, Concert Hall, Wooden Hall, Stone Hall, Cathedral Depth: 11
MY STAGE My Stage 12 types
keyboard PHA-50 keyboard: mixed structure of wood and plastic, with escapement and ebony/ivory texture (88 keys)
pedal Progressive sustain mechanism pedal (sustain pedal: continuous detection, soft pedal: continuous detection/customizable function, partial sustain pedal: self-configurable function)
Speaker system Acoustic Projection Cabinet Speakers + Near-field Speakers: 12 + 2.5 cm x2 Spatial Speakers: 2.5 cm x 2
coaxial speaker Speaker box included
Rated output power 25W x 2 + 5W x 2
earphone Headphones Acoustic Projection
to tune, to pronounce Key sensitivity: 100 types, Fixed-force hammer response: 10 types
standard pitch 415.3 – 466.2 Hz (adjustable in 0.1 Hz increments)
classical tuning 10 types (Equal, Just Major, Just Minor, etc.)
Key effect Brilliance
Piano Designer Lid Key Off Noise Hammer Noise etc.
Built-in music 389 songs in total
Playable files Standard MIDI files, Audio files (WAV, MP3)
recorder Standard MIDI file, Audio file (WAV)
BLUETOOTH Audio: Bluetooth Ver 3.0, MIDI: Bluetooth Ver 4.0
Compatible APP Android / iOS Apps (Roland)
Convenient features Metronome, Registration, volume limit function, etc.
body Music rest: with music rest holder, keyboard cover: sliding type, with keyboard cover switch and classical piano position
display screen Graphic OLED 128 x 32 dots
Connection terminal DC In, Input, Output, USB Computer, USB Memory, Phones
power supply AC transformer
power consumption 14W (13W – 35W)
appendix Owner's Manual, "USING THE UNIT SAFELY", "Roland Piano Masterpieces", AC adapter, power cord, headphone hook
Optional equipment earphone
Size Width 1,383 mm Depth 468 mm Height 1,038 mm Weight (including piano stand) 76 KG

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