Roland PM03 electronic drum speaker


HK$2,180.00  HK$2,980.00

Small, beautiful 2.1-channel listening speaker

THE PM-03 IS THE LATEST IN V-DRUMS' PERSONAL LISTENING SPEAKER SERIES. Small and stylish, this spaceless listening speaker provides new space for V-Drums drummers, the first 2.1-channel listening speaker in the PM series that delivers clean, clear stereos and low-frequency coverage. From powerful bass to loud trebles, pm-03 gives your personal V-Drums a full range of sounds. Visually and auditoryly, it is the perfect companion for the Roland HD series of electronic drums, although other electronic drums can also be connected using PM-03!

Welcome to the V-Drums Lite special web page to watch movies, download songs for practice, and play Room Layout Simulator!
  • The installation is simple and the small volume does not take up space
  • Perfect for V-Drums Lite users or other electronic drum/electronic percussion system
  • Automatic standby function, 30 minutes without input signal, will automatically enter standby mode to reduce power losses

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