Roland PM100 Electronic Drum Amplifier


HK$3,188.00  HK$3,980.00

Packed with rich, dynamic sound for a small size, the PM-100 is the ideal small monitoring solution for Roland V-Drums.

The PM-100 is equipped with 80 watts of power, equipped with a special full-range speaker system and a rugged cabinet,

Specially designed to perfectly reproduce the tone and response of V-Drums, known for their expressive performance. Built-in mixing function,

Allows you to connect music players and other devices for practice and music enjoyment while playing drums at home.

  • Premium full-featured monitor designed for V-Drums electronic drum kits
  • Full-range sound system with 80 watts of power, custom 10-inch speakers and tweeters
  • Angled design for optimal sound coverage for seated drummers
  • Built-in mixer function with independent volume control and overall EQ
  • Dedicated V-Drums input terminals, as well as 1/4" and 1/8" input terminals, can be used to connect electronic percussion instruments, smart phones and music players, etc.
  • Unique full-width handle for easy positioning and portability

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