Roland RD-2000 stage digital piano


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The stage piano revolutionizes again

It is equipped with two independent sound source engines, excellent keyboard mechanism, and more advanced controller functions. On the stage and recording studio, Roland RD-2000 will show super crazy performance. Combining advanced piano technology with a lot of control performance, this new generation of musical instruments will bring the inspiration and creativity of this top stage piano series to a new level.

main features

  • A new generation of RD stage piano equipped with two independent sound source engines and advanced controller functions
  • Using Roland's latest exclusive traditional piano sound source, the full number of voices has a real, detailed sound performance
  • The second group of SuperNATURAL technology sound source has 128 sound numbers, providing electric piano and other tones (compatible with RD-800 Live Sets)
  • Eight knobs with LED status indicators and nine faders can instantly control sound and effects
  • Eight self-configurable Zones can be used in combination with built-in sound and external sound sources (including software sound sources)
  • PHA-50 composite keyboard mixed wood and plastic materials, showing excellent playing feel and sturdiness
  • Built-in classic electric piano sounds, including Roland's legendary RD-1000 and MKS-20
  • The classic reproduction of retro analog effects, including BOSS CE-1 Chorus, Roland Dimension D, etc.
  • More than 1,100 tones other than piano, including organ, string, brass, synthesizer, etc.
  • Two waveform expansion slots can download expanded sounds from Roland Axial website, including the sounds of previous generations of RD series pianos
  • 100 Scene memories can quickly store and recall settings with one finger
  • Traditional Roland portamento/tremolo joystick and two self-configurable function pulley controllers
  • Equipped with 24-bit/192 kHz USB audio/MIDI i interface

In-depth editing function to show personalized sound

Myron McKinley, the main member and music director of the legendary orchestra Earth, Wind & Fire, has an extremely delicate hearing for the performance of piano timbres. In this video, Myron played a jazz piece, showing the amazing sound quality of the Roland RD-2000 traditional piano. Through his editing, the sound conveyed his personal style and taste.

Flexible sound shaping function can be used for various music performances

From the McKinley Martin Sydnor trio to the smashing Earth, Wind & Fire orchestra, Myron McKinley's work covers almost all kinds of music performances. But in this interview film, the heavyweight mentioned that Roland RD-2000 has a plasticity that is sufficient for various performances. It provides a variety of classic traditional piano/electric piano sounds, and an in-depth editing function allows him to design Personalized sound, quick operation allows him to quickly recall the settings on the stage.

Quick real-time operation can create a fusion of traditional piano and pad sound

For Berenice Scott, a high-profile London composer, Roland's RD-2000 traditional piano sound and built-in ensemble sound can make her work deeper and moving. In this performance video, Berenice plays the pure piano sound of this latest stage piano, showing how beautiful the piano sound is, and then demonstrates that by simply operating the fader, the sound can be added deeper and more profound.

Intuitive operation and flexible function make the inspiration continuous on the stage

With 100 Scene memories, a single operation to recall settings, plus nine faders for real-time control, the RD-2000 is the ideal instrument for composer and improviser Berenice Scott. In this interview video, Berenice mentioned the rapid control of Roland’s latest stage piano, how to keep her leading the role in live ensemble performances, and how the PHA-50 keyboard and two sound generators can be used in the studio. Give her a steady stream of inspiration.

Classic electric piano sound, from Roland's epoch-making SA technology

When top musician Kola Bello is touring with Ellie Goulding, the sound of traditional piano and electric piano are indispensable. The Roland RD-2000, which combines two sound generators, gives the top two types of sounds at the same time. In this performance example, Kola tried his favorite settings from the RD-2000 electric piano sound library, fully demonstrating the SA technology of this stage piano, which brings dynamic and responsive sound suitable for various playing styles. .

Precise parameter control allows musicians to shape the perfect sound

Kola Bello admits that when he was in the studio, he was critical of the sound design. As the lead musician of Ellie Goulding, Kola needs to be able to adjust the sound quickly. For him, the editing performance of the Roland RD-2000 is what he values most. In this interview video, he mentioned why this stage piano, which continues the characteristics of Roland's earlier models and has a highly customizable editing performance, has become an indispensable and favorite equipment in his stage settings.

The sound engine of a traditional piano that is closest to a real piano

Using amazingly realistic V-Piano technology, Roland RD-2000 truly captures the essence of traditional pianos. Peter Gordeno is an experienced musician and self-proclaimed "Piano Awesome". He determined that the performance of this new machine can fully meet his requirements. In this video example, he demonstrated the RD-2000 in The resonant sound and the PHA-50 progressive hammer mechanism keyboard are like a traditional musical instrument.

Fully grasp the controller keyboard of the performance equipment

Peter Gordeno, who has long served as an important musician for the Depeche Mode Orchestra, needs the equipment that can be used for seamless transmission with all his synthesizers and additional sound sources when performing on the world's largest stage. In this interview video, the legendary musician explains why he can rely on Roland RD-2000 as a control keyboard with peace of mind and trust, and why this latest stage piano can with its natural sound, open function and excellent The sound number performance is deeply loved by him.

Tech Specs

Keyboard area
PHA-50 keyboard: wood and plastic mixed structure, with escapement mechanism (Escapement) and ebony/ivory texture (88 keys)
Sound source area
Sound source
2x independent sound source engine Sound source engine 1: V-Piano technology Sound source engine 2: SuperNATURAL
SuperNATURAL piano
SuperNATURAL (E.Piano, Clav)
Virtual Tone Wheel Organ
PCM audio source
Maximum number of simultaneous voices
V-Piano technology sound source engine: Full Polyphony (full pronunciation number)
SuperNATURAL audio engine: 128 voices
Number of voices
16 parts (PROGRAM uses up to 8 parts)
Number of tones
1,100 tones or more
Performance Settings (Program)
Scene memory (Scene)
Modulation FX: 4 systems, 62 types
Tremolo/Amp Simulator: 4 systems, 6 types
Reverb: 6 types
Delay: 5 types
Sympathetic Resonance (Limited to SuperNATURAL Piano)
3-band Compressor (3-band compressor)
5-band Digital Equalizer (5-band digital equalizer)
Audio file player
File format
Audio file (WAV format, 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear)
Recorder area
File format
Audio file (WAV format, 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear)
External storage device
USB flash drives (supports USB 2.0 high-speed flash drives)
Rhythm Pattern (Rhythm Pattern)
200 styles
Control device
Push rod x 9 (with luminous display)
Knob x 8 (with luminous display)
Portamento/tremolo rocker tremolo wheel x 2
Display screen
Graphic LCD 256 x 80 dots
Connection terminal
MAIN OUT (L/MONO, R) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type
MAIN OUT (L, R) jacks: XLR type
SUB OUT (L, R) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type
NPUT jack: Stereo miniature phone type
Pedal (DAMPER, FC1, FC2, EXT) jack: TRS phone type
MIDI (IN, OUT1, THRU/OUT2) connection terminals
USB (COMPUTER) port: USB type B
USB (MEMORY) port: USB type A
PHONES jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type
AC In jack
Number of USB audio recording/playing channels
Signal processing: 24-bit
Sampling frequency: 192 kHz, 96 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz
Recording: 2 channelsPlay: 2 channels
power consumption
23 W
User Manual Power Cord Sustain Pedal (continuous detection of pedaling actions)
Optional equipment
Keyboard stand: KS-G8B
Three-petal piano pedal: RPU-3
Sustain pedal: DP-10
Switch pedal: DP-2
Expression pedal: EV-5
USB flash drive
Size and weight
1,412 mm
55-5/8 inches
367 mm
14-1/2 inches
140 mm
5-9/16 inches
21.7 kg
47 lbs 14 oz
* The actual weight may vary slightly due to the actual differences in the parts of the wooden parts.

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