Roland RD-88 digital piano


HK$10,880.00  HK$12,880.00

  • Lightweight and compact design for easy carrying and erection
  • Ivory texture piano keyboard (PHA-4) has a first-class playing feel
  • The new SuperNATURAL piano electric piano sound inherited from the acclaimed RD series
  • An easy-to-operate interface specially designed for performances
  • Three partitions can be externally controlled and integrated with Apple MainStage
  • Built-in speaker system with sound lingering in the room

Roland RD piano 30 has been the choice of professional keyboard players for many years and has appeared on stage all over the world.
Now, you can use a lighter, easier to use and more affordable model to get the acclaimed RD sound. The built-in 6W X 2 speakers add more color to your life.
In the past thirty years, RD pianos have been trusted by professionals on stages all over the world. A key reason is their playability and the feeling when playing. You will gain the confidence and fluency of reliability. , Reliable keyboard operation, natural feel-never stiff, but also soft.
RD-88 inherits its rich tradition, and adopts the newly developed SuperNATURAL piano and electric piano, you can get the sound you want by just turning a few knobs.
Integrated soft synthesizer: RD-88 has three zones, you can configure the internal sound, you can also integrate and control the Apple MainStage soft synthesizer. Does this sometimes require very specific sounds or the unique features of a specific soft synthesizer or sampling library?
Mix your favorite soft synthesizer sound with the RD-88's own voice, simple and clear.

88 keys: PHA-4 ivory

Weight: 13.5KG

Length, height and width: 1,284 (W) x 258 (D) x 159 (H) mm

Speaker: 6W X 2

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