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Roland RP701 digital piano

Roland RP701 digital piano

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Roland electronic piano RP701

The Roland RP701 digital piano combines professional playing feel with innovative technology, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality music experience whether you are a novice or a professional player.

Professional feel and tone

This piano is equipped with Roland's PHA-4 standard keyboard. Its matte ivory texture keys are quite excellent in terms of touch and playing feel. The sound source part uses Roland's own SuperNATURAL Piano sound source, which makes the tone as delicate and rich as a real piano. The maximum number of sounds reaches 256, and there are more than 324 tone types for you to choose from.

Advanced pedal mechanism

This electronic piano is also equipped with a progressive resistance sustain pedal mechanism, which allows you to use traditional piano pedaling techniques such as half-pressing the pedal, providing a playing method closer to a real piano.

Bluetooth connectivity and apps

RP701 supports Bluetooth function. You can connect your mobile phone or tablet to the piano. Through Roland's Piano Everyday and Piano Designer apps, you can learn and explore the world of music more deeply.

Headphones 3D environment effect

If you like to enjoy music privately, the 3D Ambience effect of this piano's headphones allows you to enjoy a stereo experience as if you were at a music scene when using headphones.

Multiple colors to choose from

RP701 is available in four colors: rosewood, black, oak and white (F-701 model does not have rosewood color).

Height adjustable

The key strength can be adjusted in up to 100 levels, while the hammer response can be adjusted in 10 levels, allowing you to adjust the playing feel that best suits you according to your needs and preferences.

Power and volume

It is composed of two 12cm speakers with a single output of 12 watts. The volume is sufficient and the sound quality is clear.

Easy to operate

RP701 is equipped with an OLED screen, making it more convenient for you to set functions.

Product Features describe
keyboard type Roland PHA-4 Standard Keyboard
sound source Roland SuperNATURAL Piano Sound
Maximum number of sounds 256
timbre type 324 species
pedal mechanism Progressive resistance sustain pedal mechanism
Bluetooth connection support
app Roland's Piano Everyday and Piano Designer
Headphones 3D environment effect support
Selection of color Rosewood, black, oak and white
Adjustable key strength 100 paragraphs
Hammer response with adjustable number of segments 10 paragraphs
trumpet Two 12cm speakers
contribute Single side output is 12 watts
screen OLED screen
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