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Accessories Roland SPD-30 Multi-Purpose Pad

Accessories Roland SPD-30 Multi-Purpose Pad

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Reimagining the new classic multipurpose pad

The new version, Version 2, is a system upgrade, expanding the SPD-30 's built-in drum kit and phrase library, and adding new features and functions. Roland pioneered Octapad pads, profoundly changed the world after the introduction of an electronic percussion instrument. The Octapad , an all-in-one percussion pad the size of a briefcase, provides drummers and percussionists with functions and rich expressiveness equivalent to a complete set of equipment, making it an electronic percussion system that can perfectly provide stage support. Ten years later, Roland SPD-30 will be re-opened Octapad of wonderful music, SPD-30 brings together the most essence of percussion sounds in the world today, and combined with the latest pickup technologies, robust design to meet The demands of the most demanding players !


Built-in Strike Blocks : 8

* Four expansion phono input terminals are provided, allowing you to connect external pads.

instrument sound


drum kit


Drum Chain (Kit Chain )

8 sequences ( 20 steps per sequence)

Instrument parameters

Tuning (Tuning) 

Muffling (silence) 

Soft Attack (Soft Attack) 

Tone Color (sound quality) 

Pitch Sweep 

Volume (volume) 

Pan (left and right phase) 

Reverse (reverse)

Effect type

Space ( 7 types), Equalizer, Limiter, Multi-Effect ( 30 types)

Phrase loop

Phrase: 50 

Parts: 3 

Speed: 40-260 

Beat Resolution: 480 cents per quarter note 

Recording Mode: Instant 

The maximum capacity of notes: approximately 10, 000 tones


160x160 dots graphic LCD (backlit LCD screen) 

Strike Status Indicator x8 ( LED )

connection terminal

Headphone terminal (stereo 1/4 inch headphone type)

Output terminals ( L/MONO , R ) ( 1/4 inch phone type)

MIX IN terminal (stereo 1/4 inch phone type)


HH CTRL terminal, FOOT SW terminal ( 1/4 inch TRS phone type)

MIDI terminals ( IN , OUT )

USB MEMORY terminal ( USB flash drive)

USB MIDI terminal ( USB MIDI transmission)

output impedance

1.0k ohms

power supply

AC Transformer ( DC 9V )





AC Transformer ( PSB-1U )

Screw ( M5x12mm ) x4

Optional equipment

Pads ( PD series, PDX series, BT-1 )

Electronic Cymbals ( CY Series)

Bass Drum Pickup ( KD Series)

Hi-Hat ( VH-11 )

Hi-Hat Control Pedal ( FD Series)

Pad Stand ( PDS-10 )

Multifunctional Fixture ( APC-33 )

Traditional drum pickups ( RT-30H , RT-30HR , RT-30K )

switch pedal ( DP-2 )

Switch pedals ( FS-5U , FS-6 ),

Electronic drum monitor speakers: PM-10 , PM-30

V-Drums Accessory Pack: DAP-3

V-Drums Original Carpet: TDM-10

USB flash drive

* We cannot guarantee the proper operation of commercially available USB flash drives.

size and weight


541 mm

21-5/16 inches



10-3/4 inches



3-1/2 inches


3.8 kg

8 lbs. 7 oz.

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