Accessories Rolland SPD-SX Sampling Sampling Board


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Ultimate sampling strike board!

Brand new.SPD-SXSampling strike board has revolutionary audio ingestion capabilities, expressive playing capability, and three multiple effector engines, etc., placing powerful sampling and playing functions under your drum stick. SPD-SXIt is convenient to use with traditional drum, electronic sleeve drum and percussion instrument.DJEquipment, or keyboards, can be used extensively for home exercises, concert stage performances, studio recordings, pre-production or nightclub entertainment.SPD-SXThe concept of past strike boards was inherited and raised to the updated level.Whether playing single sampling, circular music or full play music,SPD-SXThe latest technology and tools are capable of being done quickly, accurately and conveniently.Enjoy the advanced, easy-to-use sampling strike board of this technology!

striking plate

Built-in hitting plate: 9(hasLEDShow Light)

* provides two external pickup input terminals that allow you to connect up to four hitting plates.

Maximum simultaneous vocalization number

20 voices

* Depending on the operating state, the maximum number of simultaneous vocalization numbers may be16Voice.

Number of recordable waveforms


* Include default waveform data

Sample time (total time length of all waveform data)

date180Minute stereo (360minutes single channel)

* due toSPD-SXThe built-in memory contains the default data, and the available sampling time will be shorter than the above

Data Format

16-bit linear PCM (WAV/AIFF)

Sample Frequency

44.1 kHz

Drum group


Kit ChainDrum group order.

8(per set)20Drum group order)

effect device

Master Effects (21types)


Kit Effect 1 (20types)

Kit Effect 2 (20types)

Show Curtain

graphicLCD 128 x 64dot

Connection terminal

PHONESHeadphone hole (stereo)1/4inch headset)

MASTER OUTThe connecting hole (L/MONO, R) (1/4inch headset)

SUB OUTThe connecting hole (L/MONO, R) (1/4Inch headphone type

) AUDIO INThe connecting hole (L/MONO, R) (1/4inch headset) (hasLINE-MIC GAINcontrol unit)

TRIG INThe connecting hole (1/2, 3/4) (1/4inchTRSEarphone type)

FOOT SWThe connecting hole (1/2) (1/4inchTRSEarphone type)

MIDIConnection terminal (IN, OUT)

DC INThe connecting hole

COMPUTERConnection terminal

USB MEMORYConnection terminal


Hi-Speed USB (USB-MIDI, USB-AUDIO, USBlarge capacity storage device, USBdrives)

Power supply

DC 9 V (ACTransformer)


600 mA


CD-ROM (SPD-SX Wave Manager, USBdriver, Default waveform data)

User's Guide

AC Transformer

Shop outfitted

Combating board (PDseries, PDXseries)

Cymbals (CYseries)

The big drum pickup.KDseries)

Drum rack (PDS-10)

Multifunctional clamp (1)APC-33)

Traditional drum pickup (RT-10K, RT-10S, RT-10T)

Pedals (DP-2)

Pedal (BOSS FS-5U, BOSS FS-6)

Personal electronic drum monitoring sound box (1)PM-10, PM-30)

USBthumb drive

* We can't guarantee all the sales.USBThe drives are available.

Size and weight


364 mm

14-3/8 inches


331 mm

13-1/16 inces


94 mm

3-3/4 inches


2.5 kilogram

5 lbs. 9 oz.

0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms

If changes are made to the specifications or appearance, they are not subject to further notice.

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