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Accessories Roland SPD-SX Sampler Pad

Accessories Roland SPD-SX Sampler Pad

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The ultimate sampling pad!

The new SPD-SX sampler pad features revolutionary audio extraction, expressive playability, three multi-effects engines, and more, putting powerful sample production and playback capabilities right under your stick. The SPD-SX can be easily paired with traditional drums, electronic drum kits, percussion, DJ equipment, or keyboards, and can be widely used for home practice, concert stage performance, studio recording, pre-production, or nightclub entertainment. The SPD-SX inherits the concept of the previous pads and takes it to a newer level. Whether it's playing single samples, loops or full music, the SPD-SX is equipped with the latest technology and tools to do it quickly, accurately and easily. Enjoy this technologically advanced, easy-to-use sampling pad!


Built-in pads : 9 (with LED indicator)

* Two external phono input terminals are provided, allowing you to connect up to four pads.

Maximum number of simultaneous voices

20 voices

* The maximum number of simultaneous sounds may be 16 depending on the operating state.

Number of recordable waveforms

10 , 000

* Contains preset waveform data

Sampling time (total time length of all waveform data)

About 180 minutes in stereo ( 360 minutes in mono)

* Since the built-in memory of SPD-SX contains preset data, the available sampling time will be shorter than the above time

data format

16-bit linear PCM ( WAV/AIFF )

Sampling frequency


drum kit


Kit Chain drum kit arrangement

8 (20 drum sequences can be set for each)


Master Effects ( 21 types)


Kit Effect 1 ( 20 types)

Kit Effect 2 ( 20 types)


Graphic LCD 128 x 64 dots

connection terminal

PHONES headphone jack (stereo 1/4 inch headphone type)

MASTER OUT jacks ( L/MONO , R ) ( 1/4 inch phone type)

SUB OUT jacks ( L/MONO , R ) ( 1/4 inch phone type

) AUDIO IN jacks ( L/MONO , R ) ( 1/4 inch phone type) (with LINE-MIC GAIN control device)

TRIG IN jacks ( 1/2 , 3/4 ) ( 1/4 inch TRS phone type)

FOOT SW jack ( 1/2 ) ( 1/4 inch TRS phone type )

MIDI connection terminals ( IN , OUT )

DC IN jack

COMPUTER connection terminal

USB MEMORY connection terminal


Hi-Speed USB ( USB-MIDI , USB-AUDIO , USB Mass Storage Device, USB Flash Drive)

power supply

DC 9 V ( AC transformer)




CD-ROM ( SPD-SX Wave Manager , USB driver, default waveform data)


AC Transformer

Optional equipment

Pads ( PD series, PDX series)

Cymbals ( CY series)

Bass Drum Pickup ( KD Series)

Drum Stand ( PDS-10 )

Multifunctional Fixture ( APC-33 )

Traditional drum pickups ( RT-10K , RT-10S , RT-10T )

Pedals ( DP-2 )

Foot pedal ( BOSS FS-5U , BOSS FS-6 )

Personal electronic drum monitor speakers ( PM-10 , PM-30 )

USB flash drive

* We cannot guarantee that all commercially available USB flash drives will work.

size and weight



14-3/8 inches


331 mm

13-1/16 inches



3-3/4 inches


2.5 kg

5 lbs. 9 oz.

0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms

Due to model update, there will be changes in specifications or appearance without prior notice.

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