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Accessories Roland SPD-SX SE sampling pad

Accessories Roland SPD-SX SE sampling pad

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Suitable for professional musicians who don't want to make more trade-offs and want to collect all sounds at once

Roland 's SPD-SX sampling pads are standard equipment on tours, and can call up custom samples, loops, and even complete music. It also has a Multi-Pad sampling function that supports real-time sampling. The SPD-SX Special Edition has the same functionality as the SPD-SX , but with larger expandable built-in storage capacity. Equipped with 16 GB of internal memory, it can now even load more studio-grade WAV samples to last a whole show.

The SPD-SX Special Edition supports the musician's usual rigorous workflow, from WAV sound production to setting up sampling and configuring instruments to be played, with the included Ableton Live Lite license and Wave Manager software. With its dazzling red exterior, the bold, unique look of this powerful instrument makes it stand out on stage equipment. Offering enhanced performance and great looks, the SPD-SX Special Edition is perfect for pros who want a high-capacity sampling pad that packs all the sound they need on stage and in the studio. plan.


hit block

Built-in strike block : 9 (with LED indicator)

* Two external phono input jacks are provided, allowing you to connect up to four pads.

Maximum number of simultaneous voices

20 voices

* Depending on the operating state, the maximum number of simultaneous voices may become 16 voices .

Number of recordable waveform data

10 , 000

*With preloaded waveform data.

Sampling time (total time for all sampled data)

About 25 hours stereo ( 50 hours mono)

* Since the built-in memory contains data preloaded in the SPD-SX Special Edition, the available sampling time will be shorter than the above.

data format

16-bit linear PCM ( WAV/AIFF )

Sampling frequency


drum kit


Drum set of columns (Kit Chain)

8 (one for each chain 20 can be set to sort)


Overall Effects ( 21 types)


Drum Kit 1 ( 20 types)

Drum Kit 2 ( 20 types)


Graphic LCD 128 x 64 dots

connection terminal

PHONES jack (stereo 1/4 inch phone type)

MASTER OUT jacks ( L/MONO , R ) ( 1/4 inch phone type)

SUB OUT jacks ( L/MONO , R ) ( 1/4 inch phone type)

AUDIO IN jacks ( L/MONO , R ) ( 1/4 inch phone type) (with LINE-MIC GAIN control)

TRIG IN jacks ( 1/2 , 3/4 ) ( 1/4 inch TRS phone type)

FOOT SW jack ( 1/2 ) ( 1/4 inch TRS phone type )

MIDI connection terminals ( IN , OUT )

DC IN jack

COMPUTER connection terminal

USB MEMORY connection terminal


Hi-Speed USB ( USB-MIDI , USB-AUDIO , USB Mass Storage Device, USB Flash Drive)

power supply

DC 9 V ( AC transformer)


600 mA


Ableton Live Lite Serial Number Card

CD-ROM ( SPD-SX Wave Manager , USB driver, pre-loaded waveform data)


AC Transformer

Optional equipment

Pads ( PD series, PDX series)

Cymbal ( CY series)

Bass drum pickups ( KD series, KT series)

Pad Stand ( PDS-10 )

Multifunctional Fixture ( APC-33 )

Traditional drum pickups ( RT-30K , RT-30HR , RT-30H )

Switch pedal ( DP-2 )

Switch pedal ( BOSS FS-5U , FS-6 , FS-7 )

Personal Drum Monitor Speaker ( PM-10 )

Y -type wire ( PCS-31L )

USB flash drive

size and weight



14-3/8 inches


331 mm

13-1/16 inches



3-3/4 inches

Weight (with AC Transformer)


5 lbs 9 oz

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