(2022 latest spot) Roland TD-27KV electronic drum


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Roland TD27KV

Premium Kit version includes pedals, hi-hat stand, drum chair, drum stick

Medium-sized V-Drums for next-generation performance

The mid-level TD-27KV offers an immersive sound and response that only V-Drums can provide. At its heart lies the powerful new TD-27 sound engine, featuring the highest quality, fully customizable drum and cymbal sounds.

Advanced digital miking technology detects the nuances of every hit with ultra-high resolution, while the large drum and cymbal pads provide an exceptional playable feel, presenting the traditional drum configuration of a spacious amplifier.

Roland TD-27KV Electronic Drum Premium Kit

Many electronic drum kits feel very different from traditional drums, mainly because the pads are smaller and lower in height. The TD-27KV is distinguished by its larger diameter pads and cymbals, showing a spacious configuration that will make every drummer feel at home.

The 14" x 4.3" stainless steel snare drum and 10" tom drum feature Roland's legendary multi-layer mesh head for unparalleled response and a natural rebound feel with adjustable tension.

Roland TD-27KV Electronic Drum Premium Kit

The 12-inch hi-hat cymbal is mounted on a standard traditional hi-hat stand, while the 18-inch ride cymbal and the 12- and 13-inch crash cymbals are mounted on a sturdy support wall for great swiping and realistic shaking action.


14" Digital Snare Drum and 18" Digital Ride Cymbal

Roland's state-of-the-art digital pad technology brings a deeper level of realism to the V-Drums experience. The digital snare drums and ride cymbals are connected to the TD-27 sound module via USB cables, and work together with the sound engine to provide the most natural performance, allowing you to listen to your drum skills in detail. Multi-sensors and lightning-fast processing deliver stunning responsiveness, allowing you to play real tricks in the most natural way possible. Ornaments on snare drums, frame hits, and cross stick playing techniques are accurately detected and delivered, while the ride cymbal offers a wide range of sonic performance and subtly muted sounds with just a touch of the cymbal face .


Deeply developed Prismatic Sound Modeling

The TD-27 sound source is inherited from the flagship TD-50, loaded with natural drum sounds that are as lifelike as a traditional instrument. We start by sampling the best drum, percussion and cymbal sounds, both traditional and contemporary, in world-class studios. Roland's unique Prismatic Sound Modeling sound modeling is then applied to these samples, bringing the sound to life with patented behavior modeling technology that has been refined over two decades. Every time you hit a drum or cymbal, you don't just trigger a canned sound, you play a full instrument sound that reacts like a traditional drum in every way, with an unprecedented range of sound that lets you play freely.


Build your own drum kit

With traditional drums, you can create the sound you want by changing the head type, adjusting the tuning, adding mufflers, adjusting the tension of the snare, changing the sticks of the kick drum, and more. The TD-27 sound module implements these functions, allowing you to create custom drum kits for every situation. Just hit the next pad to select it, then use the physical controls and intuitive editing tools to get the sound you want. Your edits are automatically saved, so you only need to concentrate on your performance. You can even load your own samples and layer them over the built-in sounds, allowing you to create even more personal drum kits.


PureAcoustic Ambience sound field technology

The new PureAcoustic Ambience technology makes every drum kit sound better, producing an incredibly natural and immersive sound field when performing. You can also go deeper and adjust the mic position of each drum kit, and use the newly developed overhead mic simulator to adjust the overall sound. Finally, the advanced built-in multi-effects and mixing functions give you the power of a studio console, with transients, parametric equalizers, compressors, reverbs, delays, and more.


Provides powerful connectivity for stage and studio use

Equipped with a variety of connectivity options, the TD-27KV provides superb sound for live performance or recording work. The TD-27 sound module has stereo outputs for the overall drum sound, and two direct outputs for independently sending kick drums, snare drums and other sounds to the audio console for independent mixing. In the recording studio, the built-in USB audio interface can make computer music production more convenient, and only one cable can transmit up to 28 audio channels. MIDI transmission is also supported via USB and dedicated I/O, allowing you to synchronize with other MIDI devices and trigger sounds from software sound generators in your computer.


Easily expand drum kits

With the TD-27KV drum kit, you are no longer limited to the original drum kit configuration. Using the TD-27 module's three aux pickup inputs, it's easy to add toms and cymbal pads to enhance your arsenal. Whatever you want, the Auxiliary Pickup Input is the solution for your ideal drum setup.


Bluetooth wireless connectivity and built-in coaching tool

The built-in Bluetooth transmission can wirelessly transmit the audio from your mobile phone or laptop to the audio source, allowing you to play drums with headphones. Play along to your favorite music, or mix drum kits with sounds from YouTube instructional videos.

The built-in coach function helps you practice drum skills and track your progress, while the advanced metronome function helps you develop a sense of steady tempo. At any time, you can record your performance and listen to the parts you need to practice.

Drum sound module: TD-27 x 1

Snare: PD-140DS x 1

Tom: PDX-100 x 3

Hi-Hat: VH-10 x 1

Crash1: CY-12C x 1

Crash2: CY-13R x 1

Ride: CY-18DR x 1

Kick: KD-10 x 1

Drum Stand: MDS-STD2 x 1

Width: 150cm Depth: 120cm Height: 120cm Weight: 32.0kg

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