(3 pieces of final clearance) Roland TD4KP electronic drum


HK$5,980.00  HK$9,800.00

Roland electronic drums are the best-selling series that can be ((folded)). It does not take up space. Wearing headphones is your own world.

Spot in East Asia main store in Mong Kok.

The Premium Kit comes with the following accessories:

Roland TD-25K Electronic Drum Premium Kit

Roland DAP-3X Kit set ( original drum chair, drum pedals, drum sticks)

In addition, when you purchase TD-4KP, you can purchase the following accessories at a special price:

Roland PDX-8 + MDH-12 (Upgrade to SNARE) +$1588

Roland PM-03 Electronic Drum AMP +$1980

Roland CB-TDP special carrying bag+$480

Upgrade to full mesh package (Roland TD-1KPX) +$1700

Roland TD-4KP electronic drum, small size and innovative folding design, can be quickly disassembled and easy to move/store, TD-4KP V-Drums Portable is a set that allows you to drum anytime, anywhere and is compact and space-saving portability Electronic drum kit. It is equipped with a powerful TD-4 sound generator, with a wide performance, and editable drum sounds, and equipped with practical practice functions, the pads provide a satisfying playing feel and natural performance performance .

It is the perfect choice for small venues, rehearsal rooms, music classrooms, bedrooms, apartments, etc. TD-4KP combines the performance and characteristics of V-Drums with amazing portability and collection convenience.

Drum kit configuration Percussion sound source: TD-4 x 1
Kick drum: x 1 * Kick pedal and drum stool not included
Snare/Tom Pad: x 4
Hi-Ding Pad/Tail/Ding Ding: CY-5 x 3
Hitting control pedal: FD-8 x 1
Connection cable: TD-4KP customized cable
other Installation Guide x 2 User Manual AC Adapter Customized Cable Wing Bolt (M5 x 10) x 2
Optional accessories Pads: PDX series Pad holders: MDH series personal electronic drum monitor speakers: PM-03, PM-10 V-Drums accessory kit: DAP-3X V-Drums Tutor: DT-1
size Including kick drum pedal, 鑔 piece and drum stool


Folded volume

weight Including kick drum pedal, 鑔 piece and drum stool


Folded volume


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