Roland VAD306 electronic drum


HK$21,980.00  HK$28,980.00

A small set of drums with a light drum body and a TD-17 sound source

The VAD306 is a unique V-Drum Acoustic Design drum that retains the unique traditional aesthetic design direction of this series in a compact design.

Set drums take up the same space as medium-sized V-Drums drums, making them ideal for home and small stage use. Reducing to a shallower drum saves space and weight, but any drummer will immediately feel familiar with the position they play. Double drum frame with medium drum stand and drum stand, so that the overall configuration is more perfect, and further enhance the traditional drum design sense. The TD-17 sound source delivers all the traditional drum tones and performance you need, whether you're playing drums at home or touring on a small stage.


Powerful sound and real performance

At the heart of the VAD306 is the TD-17 sound source, which is equipped with the tone of the award-winning TD-50 source. It has a large number of traditional drums and modern drums, cyrums, and percussion instruments, all sampled in ultra-high audio, taking down all possible forces and drum-side percussion details. Roland's unique Prismatic Sound Modeling sound modeling, with these samples, allows for complex, realistic pitch ranges and smooth dynamic transitions between percussion. The resulting playing experience not only sounds faithful to the sound of traditional drums - but also the behavioral characteristics of traditional drums.


Create your own set of drums

The TD-17 sound source is built into a wide range of ready-to-use drum sets, including 10 new traditional drum preset tones tailored for the VAD306. The built-in drum set sounds great, and you can use intuitive editing tools to drill down to create your own unique personalized drum setup. A sound source is a sound library that contains drums and cymbal sounds from different eras, and you can mix and match any combination from the sound library. After that, you can also change the drum skin, change the tuning, add the muffle and even change the virtual space sound field of your playing venue. You can even load your own samples and overlay them with built-in instrument tones to create a unique set of personalized drums.


Larger size percussion board and a wider playing range

Traditional drums are usually larger than electronic drum percussion plates. The increased size of each drum face enhances the overall playing experience, not only visually, but also visually, including percussion and overall configuration. As a result, the VAD306 is equipped with a 12-inch drum and floor-to-ceiling medium drum, two 10-inch medium drum and an 18-inch drum, creating a naturally spacious playing range. The drum shell is also made of wood, with drumsticks and drum beats to add a real sense of traditional drum playing.


The natural percussion of traditional drums

Roland's legendary multi-layered, tension-adjusting mesh drum surface greatly enhances the real feel of the blow, allowing you to adjust the bounce of your drumsticks according to your personal playing style. When you beat a drum beat in a specially designed drum, the air inside the drum shell produces physical movement, creating air pressure and resistance, just as you would a traditional drum.


Shallow drum body, in-depth expression

The shallow drums and drums in the VAD306 have not been reduced in performance while saving space and weight. Each is equipped with a special sensor to provide natural response and amazing performance.


Double bracket chrome drum frame

The traditional installation of drums and cyrines not only projects a classic style - but also has an impact on the sense of play. The medium drum percussion board is mounted on the same drum frame used in traditional drums, so the percussion is just right. Each drum frame is a double bracket with rock-solid stability and easy adjustment to suit your favorite layout.


Powerful exercise tools and Bluetooth connectivity

The TD-17 sound source features a number of practice functions to help you become a better drummer. Built-in Bluetooth lets you connect wirelessly, transfer audio from your smartphone and laptop to a source, and immerse yourself in the perfect time to play the drums with headphones. Play drums with your favorite music or YouTube instructional video sounds. You can also play songs directly from the SD card and record your own performance at any time. The built-in coaching feature helps you work out your drumming skills and even track your progress over time. The metronctor can set different beat numbers and beat note values to help you develop your inner rhythm.


The VAD306 Space-saving kit is equipped with a shallow drum shell and a TD-17 sound source

Drum source: TD-17 x 1; Drum: PDA120LS-BK x 1; Tom1: PDA100L-BK x 1; Tom2: PDA100L-BK x 1; Tom3: PDA120L-BK x 1; Hi-hat: VH-10 x 1; Crash1: CY-12C x 1; Crash2: CY-12C x 1; Ride: CY-13R x 1; Drum: KD-180L-BK x 1; Strike plate combination drum rack: DCS-10 x 3; Multi-function fixture: APC-30 x 1

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