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Roland VAD306 electronic drum

Roland VAD306 electronic drum

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Small drum set with shallow body drum shell and TD-17 sound module

VAD306 is a unique V-Drum Acoustic Design drum set. It has a small and compact design while maintaining the unique traditional aesthetic design direction of this series.

The kit occupies the same space as the medium-sized V-Drums kit, making it ideal for home and small stage use. The reduction to a shallower body saves space and weight, but once in the playing position it will feel instantly familiar to any drummer. The double-stand drum stand with mid-drum stand and cymbal stand completes the overall configuration and further enhances the traditional drum design. With a natural and expressive sound, the TD-17 sound module provides all the traditional drum sounds and performance performance you need, whether you play drums at home or touring on a small stage.

Powerful sound and authentic performance

The core of VAD306 is the TD-17 sound module, equipped with the sound of the acclaimed TD-50 sound module. It features a large collection of traditional and modern drums, cymbals, and percussion instruments, all sampled at ultra-high pitches to capture all possible dynamics and detail of head strike. Roland's unique Prismatic Sound Modeling works with these samples to reveal complex, realistic tonal ranges and smooth dynamic transitions between percussive performances. The result is a playing experience that not only sounds faithful to the sound of a traditional drum—it also includes the behavioral characteristics of a traditional drum.

Build your own drum set

The TD-17 sound module comes with a wide variety of ready-to-use drum kits, including 10 neo-traditional drum presets specifically designed for the VAD306. The built-in drum kits sound great, and you can use intuitive editing tools to further create your own unique and personalized drum setup. The sound source is a library of drum and cymbal sounds from various eras that you can mix and match in any combination from the library. Later, you can change drum heads, change tuning, add muffler, and even change the virtual space sound field of your performance venue. You can even load your own samples and layer them with built-in instrument sounds to create a completely unique, personalized drum kit.

Larger pad size and wider playing range

Traditional drums are usually larger than electronic drum pads. The increased size of each drum head enhances the overall playing experience, not only visually, but also in terms of percussion and overall configuration. Therefore, VAD306 is equipped with a 12-inch snare and floor tom, two 10-inch bass drums and an 18-inch bass drum, creating a naturally wide playing range. The drum shell is also made of wood, and the use of drum sticks and drumsticks adds an authentic feel to traditional drum playing.

Natural percussion of traditional drums

Roland's legendary multi-layered tension-adjustable mesh drum head greatly improves the realistic hitting feel, allowing you to adjust the rebound of the drum stick according to your personal playing style. When you hit a drumstick on a specially designed bass drum, the air inside the drum shell physically moves, creating air pressure and resistance, just like playing a traditional bass drum.

Shallow body, deep expressiveness

The VAD306's medium and shallow body toms save space and weight without sacrificing performance. Each one is equipped with a specially designed sensor to provide natural responses and stunning performance.

Double stand chrome drum stand

The way traditional drums and cymbals are mounted not only projects a classic look—it also has an impact on the feel of the performance. The mid-tomum pad is mounted on the same drum stand used for traditional mid-toms, so the hit feels just right. Each drum stand is dual-stand for rock-solid stability and can be easily adjusted to fit your preferred layout.

Powerful practice tools and Bluetooth connectivity

The TD-17 sound module is equipped with many practice functions to help you become a better drummer. The built-in Bluetooth function allows you to connect wirelessly and transfer audio from smartphones and laptops to the audio source, so you can immerse yourself in the perfect time of impromptu drumming while wearing headphones. Play drums along with the sounds of your favorite music or YouTube instructional videos. You can also play songs directly from the SD card and record your own performances at any time. The built-in coach function can help you practice your drumming skills and even track your progress over time. The metronome can be set to different time signatures and time note values ​​to help you develop your inner sense of rhythm.


VAD306 Space-saving kit comes with shallow drum shell and TD-17 sound module

Drum module: TD-17 x 1; snare drum: PDA120LS-BK x 1; Tom1: PDA100L-BK x 1; Tom2: PDA100L-BK x 1; Tom3: PDA120L-BK x 1; Hi-hat: VH-10 x 1; Crash1: CY-12C x 1; Crash2: CY-12C x 1; Ride: CY-13R x 1; Bass drum: KD-180L-BK x 1; Pad combination drum stand: DCS-10 x 3; Multi-function Clamp: APC-30 x 1

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