ROLAND VAD503 Electronic Drum


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Traditional drum immersion experience

The VAD503 has amazing appearance, familiar configuration layout, and the top traditional set of drums stimulating inspiration, making any drummers to find familiar feel. The 14-inch stainless steel drum of the drum, plus 10 吋, 14 吋 falls in the middle drum, and a 20-inch drum that uses full-size drums, more realistic, and it is provided with the drums and drumsticks. Real traditional drum play experience. Equipped with complete cymbals including 12 吋 V-Hi-Hat, 14-inch Crash (with thin exterior and textured textured texture), and 18 吋 ride cymbals, providing excellent performance and natural appearance on the stage.


14 吋 number small drum and 18 吋 number Ride cymbals

Roland Top Digital Board Technology Brings a more realistic performance for V-Drums. Number drums and RIDE strikes are connected to TD-27 through the USB wire, bringing more natural expressive power under the sound source machine, which can hear every detail of your drum skills. Multi-sensor and flash-like fast processing performance, providing amazing reactions, allowing you to exercise in the most natural way. Decorative sound, bullet box tap, and Corss Stick on the drum, each detail can accurately detect, and Ride 钹 offers a wide sound performance, and can touch the or 心.


Traditional drum natural blow

Roland's legendary multi-layer adjustable mesh drums have greatly improved real strike feelings, allowing you to regulate drum sticks based on your personal performance. When you hit the drumstick in a specially designed drum, the air in the drum housing produces physical movement, producing air pressure and resistance, just like playing traditional drums.


More in-depth Prismatic Sound Modeling modeling sound source

TD-27 Source Inspect the flagship TD-50 sound source, equipped with a large number of drums such as traditional drums. First, we will make a variety of drums, cymbals, and striking musical instruments, all of which are high quality sampling, capture the details of all possible strength and drum tapping. Then, these sampling applications Roland unique Prismatic Sound Modeling sound modeling technology, and the sound of the patented Behavior Modeling technology in more than 20 years has made the sound. Every time you knock down the drum or cymbals, you will not just trigger a can sound - but play a complete instrument sound, and its reaction is like a traditional drum, which has an unprecedented sound range to make you feel like.


Create your exclusive drum group

When using traditional drums, you can adjust tuning, join the muffler, adjust the tension of the drum, and change the tension of the drum, and change the sound of the drum. TD-27 soundproof machines can achieve these functions, allowing you to create self-propelled drums for a variety of situations. Just tap the board to select it, then you can use the entity control device and intuitive editing tool to get the sound you need. Your editor will be saved automatically, so you only need to do it through your performance. Even you can load your own sampling and put these sampling seminars, so that you can create a more personal drum group.


Double bracket chrome drum rack

Traditional drums and cymbals installation methods not only distributes classic images - also has an impact on the play. The mid drum strike board is installed in the same drum rack for traditional medium drums, making the taps just right. Each drum rack uses a double bracket, with a solidity of rock, and can be easily adjusted to suit your favorite configuration.


Pureacoustic Ambience

The new PureacouseTIC Ambience technology allows each drum set to be more excellent, and it can produce an incredible natural immersive sound domain when performing. You can also adjust the microphone radio position of each drum group to adjust the overall sound using the newly developed microphone simulator. Finally, advanced built-in multi-effect and mixing feature provide you with powerful features of the recording sound control station, including Transient, parameter type, compressor, residual sound, delay effect, etc. to control.


Provide powerful connection performance for stage and recording

The VAD503 is equipped with a variety of connectivity options that provide excellent sounds for live performances or recording work. The TD-27 sound source machine has a stereo output terminal that outputs an overall drum, and two Direct output terminals can be independently transmitted, drums, drums and other sounds to the audio console for independent mixing. In the recording, the built-in USB audio interface can make it easier to make computer music production, only one wire can be transmitted up to 28 audio channels. Through USB and exclusive I / O, MIDI transmission is also supported, allowing you to synchronize with other MIDI devices, and the sound source sounds that triggered the computer.


Expansion drum set easy

With VAD503 drums, you will not be limited to the original drum combination. Use the three auxiliary pickup input terminals of the TD-27 source to easily add Tom and the Board Board to enhance your army. Or you can use a double drum configuration to show the most powerful shock. No matter what you want, the auxiliary pickup input terminal will be your ideal drum configuration.


Bluetooth wireless connection and built-in coaching tool

Built-in Bluetooth transmission function, you can transfer your mobile phone or notebook audio to the sound source, let you wear your headphones to follow together. Play with loved music or mix the drum group from the sound of YouTube teaching videos. Built-in Coach Coach Function, help you exercise your progress and track your progress, and advanced metronome features help you develop a stable rhythm. Whenever you can record your performance and listen to the part you need to strengthen the exercise.


VAD503 Four-Piece Kit has full-size wooden drums, digital drums and RIDE, and TD-27 sound sources

Drum tube: TD-27 x 1; Drum: PD-140DS X 1; Tom1: PDA100-MS X 1; TOM3: PDA140F-MS X 1; Hi-Hat: VH-10 x 1; Crash1: CY-14C- T x 1; Ride: CY-18DR X 1; Big Drum: KD-200-MS x 1; Board Board Combination Drum Rack: DCS-10 x 1; bracket drum rack: DBS-10 x 1; Multi-function fixture: APC -10 x 1

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