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Roland VAD503 electronic drum

Roland VAD503 electronic drum

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Traditional drum immersive experience

The VAD503 features stunning looks, a familiar layout, and the inspiring performance of a state-of-the-art traditional drum kit, making it instantly familiar to any drummer. The set's 14-inch stainless steel snare, plus a 10-inch tom, a 14-inch floor tom, and a 20-inch bass drum with a full-size wooden shell for added authenticity, are provided under the sticks and drumsticks A true traditional drum playing experience. The fully-equipped cymbals include a 12-inch V-Hi-Hat, a 14-inch crash (with a low-profile profile and textured feel), and an 18-inch ride cymbal, delivering superior performance and a natural look on stage.

14-inch digital snare and 18-inch digital ride cymbals

Roland's cutting-edge digital pad technology brings a more realistic playing experience to V-Drums. The digital snare drum and ride pad are connected to the TD-27 via a USB cable, which together with the audio module brings a more natural expression, allowing you to hear every detail of your drumming skills. Multiple sensors and lightning-fast processing provide amazing responsiveness, letting you show off your drumming skills in the most natural way. Every detail of the decorative sounds, frame hits, and corss sticks on the snare can be accurately detected. At the same time, the ride cymbals provide a wide range of timbre expression, and can touch the cymbal face or the cymbal center to express muted sound.

Natural percussion of traditional drums

Roland's legendary multi-layered tension-adjustable mesh drum head greatly improves the realistic hitting feel, allowing you to adjust the rebound of the drum stick according to your personal playing style. When you hit a drumstick on a specially designed bass drum, the air inside the drum shell physically moves, creating air pressure and resistance, just like playing a traditional bass drum.

More in-depth Prismatic Sound Modeling modeling sound sources

The TD-27 sound module inherits the tone of the flagship TD-50 sound module and is equipped with a large number of drum sounds that behave naturally like traditional drums. First, we made high-quality samples of various classic and modern drums, cymbals, and percussion instruments to capture all possible dynamics and details of drum head striking. These samples are then applied to Roland's unique Prismatic Sound Modeling technology, and the sounds are brought to life with patented behavior modeling technology that has been continuously improved for more than two decades. Every time you hit a drum or cymbal, you don't just trigger a canned sound—you get a full instrument sound that responds in every way like a traditional drum, with unprecedented sonic range for you to play with ease.

Build your own drum kit

With traditional drums, you can create the sound you want by changing the head type, adjusting the tuning, adding a silencer, adjusting the tension on the snare, changing the kicksticks, and more. The TD-27 module performs these functions, allowing you to create custom drum kits for any situation. Just hit a pad to select it, then use the physical controls and intuitive editing tools to get the sound you want. Your edits are saved automatically, so you can concentrate on playing. You can even load your own samples and layer them with built-in sounds, allowing you to create a more personalized drum kit.

Double stand chrome drum stand

The way traditional drums and cymbals are mounted not only exudes a classic look—it also has an impact on the feel of the performance. The mid-tomum pad is mounted on the same drum stand used for traditional mid-toms, making the hit feel just right. Each drum stand features dual legs for rock-solid stability and can be easily adjusted to fit your preferred configuration.

PureAcoustic Ambience sound field technology

New PureAcoustic Ambience technology makes each drum kit sound better, producing an incredibly natural and immersive sound field when performing. You can also go deeper and adjust the mic position of each drum kit, using the newly developed overhead mic simulator to adjust the overall sound. Finally, the advanced built-in multi-effects and mixing functions provide you with powerful functions like a recording studio console, with transient, parametric equalizer, compressor, reverb, delay effects, etc. at your disposal.

Delivers powerful connectivity for stage and studio use

The VAD503 is equipped with a variety of connection options to provide excellent sound for live performances or recording work. The TD-27 audio source machine has a stereo output terminal that can output the overall drum sound, and two direct output terminals that can independently send bass drum, snare drum and other sounds to the audio console for independent mixing. In the recording studio, the built-in USB audio interface makes computer music production more convenient, and only one wire can transmit up to 28 audio channels. It also supports MIDI transmission through USB and dedicated I/O, allowing you to synchronize with other MIDI devices and trigger sounds from software sound sources in your computer.

Expanding your drum set is easy

With the VAD503 drum set, you are no longer limited to the original drum set. Using the TD-27 module's three auxiliary pickup inputs, it's easy to add toms and cymbal pads to enhance your arsenal. Or you can go with a dual bass drum configuration for maximum impact. Whatever you're looking for, the auxiliary pickup input is the solution for your ideal drum setup.

Bluetooth wireless connectivity and built-in coaching tools

The built-in Bluetooth transmission function can wirelessly transmit audio from your mobile phone or laptop to the audio source machine, allowing you to wear headphones and play drums along with it. Play along to your favorite music, or mix your drum kit with sounds from YouTube instructional videos. The built-in coach function helps you practice your drumming skills and track your progress, while the advanced metronome function helps you develop a sense of stable rhythm and speed. At any time, you can record your performance and listen to the parts you need to practice more.


VAD503 Four-piece kit features full-size wooden drum shells, digital snare and ride, and TD-27 sound module

Drum module: TD-27 x 1; Snare drum: PD-140DS x 1; Tom1: PDA100-MS x 1; Tom3: PDA140F-MS x 1; Hi-hat: VH-10 x 1; Crash1: CY-14C- T x 1; Ride: CY-18DR x 1; Bass drum: KD-200-MS x 1; Pad combination drum stand: DCS-10 x 1; Cymbal stand drum stand: DBS-10 x 1; Multi-function clamp: APC -10 x 1

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