Roland VR-09-B performance keyboard


HK$4,980.00  HK$5,399.00

Easy to carry 61- key keyboard, equipped with all kinds of tones you need

Lightweight and equipped with top-notch Roland sounds, the V-Combo VR-09-B is the ideal all-in-one instrument for keyboard players. Panel planning exclusive organ, traditional piano / electric piano, and synthesizer sound source area, covering the basic tones of various music styles you need. The powerful real-time control device allows you to give full play to your performance on the stage. It is equipped with practically controllable faders for adjusting the tone, as well as a large number of knobs and buttons, providing seven simultaneous effects and many other parameters. Through its diversified sound, excellent user interface, and highly portable design, V-Combo VR-09-B will be the dream instrument for realizing touring musicians.



61 keys (velocity sensitive)

Keyboard mode

Full key

Overlap tone (adjustable volume balance)

Split key (adjustable split key point, volume balance)

2-manual/3-manual mode (when using a separately purchased MIDI keyboard)

Sound source area

Sound source

Virtual Tone Wheel Organ (Virtual Tone Wheel Organ)

SuperNATURAL Synth

PCM Synth

* GM2 compatible sound is included.

Maximum number of simultaneous voices

128 voices


Organ ( 3 parts)

Piano ( 2 -part)

Synthesizer ( 2 -part)

Drum ( 1 part)

GM2 ( 16 parts)


245 tones

Settings ( Registrations )

100 ( 4 x 25 banks )

Effects ( 7 systems continuously on / overall control)




Multi-effects: 20 types

Delay: 6 types

Reverb: 6 types

Rotary: 3 types

SMF/ audio file playback area /DT>

Playable file format

SMF file : Format 0 , 1

Audio file : WAV , AIFF , MP3

Recording format

SMF file : Format 0

Audio file : WAV ( 44.1 kHz , 16-bit linear , stereo )


Recording time

20 seconds (stereo)

Recording / loadable file format

Audio file : WAV ( 44.1 kHz , 16-bit linear , stereo )


Rhythm section



Virtual Tone Wheel organ: Harmonic lever x 10

Synthesizer controller : fader x 5

D-BEAM controller

Pitch bend / Modulation Pitch Bend / whammy bar

Effects knob x 6 (overall control)

Display screen

Graphic LCD 128 x 64 dots

External memory

USB flash drive

Connection terminal

Output ( L/MONO , R ) jacks : 1/4 -inch phone type

PHONES jack : Stereo 1/4 -inch phone type

EXT INPUT jack : Stereo miniature phone type

DAMPER jack : TRS 1/4 -inch phone type

EXPRESSION PEDAL jack : TRS 1/4 -inch phone type

MIDI ( IN , OUT ) connection terminals

PK IN connection terminal : 8-pin DIN type

USB COMPUTER port : USB Type B (supports USB MIDI )

USB MEMORY port : USB Type A

DC IN jack

power supply

AC adaptor

Ni-MH rechargeable battery ( AA , HR6 ) x 8


600 mA

Battery life under continuous use :

Ni-MH rechargeable battery : about 5 hours (if connected to a USB flash drive, about 3 hours)

These data are subject to changes based on the battery's rating and actual use.

* Carbon-zinc batteries and alkaline batteries cannot be used



File using the unit safely

AC adaptor

power cable

USB flash drive protective cover

Optional equipment

Keyboard stand ( *1 ) : KS-18Z , KS-12

Sustain pedal : DP series

Expression pedal : EV series

Pedal seat : PK-9

USB flash drive ( *2 )

*1 When using KS-18Z , make sure that the height of the unit is adjusted to a position of one meter or less.

*2 We cannot guarantee that all commercially available USB flash drives are compatible with this machine.

Size and weight


1 , 008 mm

39-11/16 inches


300 mm

11-13/16 inches


106 mm

4-3/16 inches

Weight (excluding AC transformer)

5.5 kg

12 lbs 3 oz

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