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Flight Music Lesson

【Saxophone Lesson】Learning Class on Saxophone course (Mong Kok)

【Saxophone Lesson】Learning Class on Saxophone course (Mong Kok)

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Course Terms (Please Read Carefully)

Term Agreement: These course terms will be made explicit before a student enrolls. Enrolling in the course signifies that the student has accepted and agreed to all terms. According to the Hong Kong Electronic Transactions Ordinance (Cap. 553), a student does not need a written signature to accept these terms. If a student receives an electronic copy of these terms and continues to enroll in the course with full awareness of them, they are deemed to have accepted and agreed to the terms.

Third-Party Enrollment: If a student’s enrollment is facilitated by a third party (e.g., a relative or friend), it is the responsibility of that third party to ensure the student fully understands and agrees to all terms of the course. Whether or not the student is directly involved in the enrollment process, they are considered to have accepted and agreed to all terms.

Validity Period: The validity period for slots in group guitar and piano classes is three months; for group saxophone classes, it is two months. If re-enrollment does not occur within this period, the slot will automatically expire.

Course Content: The content of this course is fixed and will not be modified or customized according to the individual needs or requests of any student.

Refund Policy: Once tuition is paid, the fee is non-refundable. Upon payment, a student’s slot is reserved. Please read and understand the course syllabus thoroughly before enrolling.

Course Objective: The primary objective of this course is to teach popular music, not to prepare students for classical music examinations.

Fees: The listed fees are per student for a slot in the course and do not include seats for any other persons (including relatives, friends, etc.).

Course Adjustments: The syllabus of this course may be adjusted appropriately according to the progress and needs of different classes.

Use of Fees: Tuition fees cannot be used to purchase other goods or courses from this institution.

Code of Conduct: FeiTeng Music reserves the right to terminate the classroom rights of any student who engages in any form of disruptive language or behavior that affects the normal progress of the class or the learning environment of other students. In such cases, FeiTeng Music will not provide any form of refund.

Chester, WF Lo's Saxophone Class

Hello everyone, my name is Chester.

When I was in college , I studied Music industry BA (hon) at RMIT in Melbourne .

After graduation, he returned to Hong Kong and joined Flight Music.

This began my career of more than 20 years.

music basics

I have been curious about music since I was a child, and I also learned different instruments:

  • Saxophone ABRSM Grade 8 (Distinction)
  • Piano ABRSM Grade 8 (Merit)
  • Guitar Rock School Grade 8 (Merit)

Later, because of my interest in saxophone, I finally focused on this instrument.

Create and perform

In addition to educational work, I also participate in composition and performance. Here are some excerpts:

  • CASH Member of Hong Kong Composers and Lyricists Association
  • Taiwan Spring Scream Music Festival
  • Taiwan Unlimited Freedom Music and Arts Festival
  • Malaysia A FEST Music Festival
  • Lin Mincong Good Song Friends Concert 09'

Course Introduction

  • Mainly teaching pop music, aiming to combine karaoke performance
  • After completing the course, you will be able to master basic pop song performance
  • Courses are mainly practical and easy to learn
  • Both novices and experienced students can participate
  • The target is to be able to play a popular song immediately after listening to it
  • Able to join freely and flexibly adjust classes

Class time

Class vacancies will be updated regularly, please check with the store staff

If you have a specific time, you can make flexible arrangements with the instructor.

The latest schedule of additional courses will be announced on Facebook every month.

You can also click here to Whatsap to check the latest vacancies

Upper class position

The convenience of the location greatly affects the entire learning experience.

Our classroom is located at Flight Music Mong Kok Main Store,

Bank Center E2 exit cover,

9th floor, Bank of East Asia, Mongkok Building.

Course fees

Group class of 2-6 people $3160 / 8 classes / 90min (two months)

Permanent one-on-one $3160/6 lessons/45min No one will join

One-on-one service for a group is $3160/8 classes/45 minutes if someone joins, classes with more than 2 people will become 90 minutes

Tuition fees for beginner and intermediate courses are the same.

Instrumental arrangements

  • Musical instruments provided in the church
  • You need to bring your own mouthpiece ( YAMAHA ALTO 4C is recommended)
  • Students can purchase musical instruments at a 10% discount
  • The recommended saxophone to buy isEna Alto

    Course Outline

    •⁠ ⁠ Saxophone Basics and History
    •⁠ ⁠Learn to read the staff, various time signatures such as: whole tone, 2 minutes, 4 minutes, 8 minutes, 16 minutes, 32nd notes, syncopation•⁠ ⁠Basic playing postures, fingering, vocalization, pronunciation, luck methods• ⁠ ⁠Teaching music includes Chinese and foreign popular songs, such as My Heart will Go on, Lady Gaga - Shallow, Encounter, New Love, Little Lucky, Kenny G - The Moment
    •⁠ ⁠Introduction to improvisation/solo/jam •⁠ ⁠Blowing skills of various ornamental notes •⁠ ⁠Methods of performing music in different eras such as style and timbre processing •⁠ ⁠Learn examination repertoire, music analysis, and scales at all levels and arpeggios•⁠ ⁠Practice methods and scoring techniques for SIGHT READING and AURAL TESTS at all levels

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