Shure SM58 dynamic micro phone


HK$1,280.00  HK$1,680.00

Which application is the SM58? Best suited for
This microphone is an ideal choice for professional singers to perform live. It can highlight the full and clear voice of the lead singer and accompanist. Even in extreme environments, SM58? Can aim at the main sound source and effectively reduce the background noise. It is also popular with clubs, DJs and hosts of small and large live performances.
It can withstand the pressure of touringHarsh conditionsIs that right?
With its strong construction, reliable shock proof system and steel mesh cover, SM58? Ensures stable performance both outdoors and indoors.
The SM58? Comes in two models with and without switches
Frequency response specially modified for human voice, with bright midrange and bass attenuation
Consistent cardioid directivity can isolate the main sound source and minimize the background noise
Pneumatic shockproof frame to reduce hand noise
Effective built-in spherical windshields and blowout preventers
It is equipped with anti fracture bracket adapter which can rotate 180 degrees
Excellent Shure quality, firm and reliable
Cardioid (unidirectional) moving coil
Frequency response: 50 to 15000 Hz
technical specifications
Sensor type: moving coil
Pickup mode: heart
Frequency response from: 50 Hz
Frequency response: 15 kHz
Sensitivity (dbv / PA): - 54,5 dbv / PA
Sensitivity (MV / PA): 1,88 MV / PA
Weight: 298 G
Frequency response curve:
You can sing as you please; you can speak as you please; you can play as you please; the rest is for us.
Our task is to amplify or record your voice.
From microphones to singers to wireless devices, we have a series of products that can help you restore sound. From then on, you will not be troubled by audio equipment problems, so you can confidently and wholeheartedly participate in your music.

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