Sqoe 36B 36 inch folk guitar

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HK$898.00  HK$1,380.00

Sqoe 36B 36 inch folk guitar


36B sqoe Spanish high grade handmade 36 inch travel folk guitar

Brand: Spain sqoe

Model: 36B

Size: 36 inch travel guitar

Panel: imported spruce panel

Bottom sheet: proportion of imported sand

Hemming: the wood edge of shabiyan is up and down

Qin Zhen: plastic steel

Panel binding: Wood five line

Xianniu: imported high-grade nickel fully enclosed standard

Ring mouth flower: sqoe patent carved sound hole

Strings: sqoe professional folk guitar strings

The timbre and feel are first-class high-grade handmade piano


Complimentary items: guitar bag, pick X2, guitar strap, mini tune changer, hexagon key



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