SQOE SEIB900 electric guitar Hong Kong licensed


$520.00  $651.00

Model: SEIB900
(with 30MM slanted large-capacity piano bag x1, JTBD-033 strap x1, 3m braided cable x1, piano cleaning cloth x1)
Body: Okoume Tiger Maple
Neck Material: Canadian Carbonized Maple
Neck shape: C-shaped Fanta 60S
Fingerboard Material: Canadian Carbonized Maple 22 frets
Fingerboard Width: 305MM
Upper Pickup: Magnet Single Pickup
Middle Pickup: Magnet Single Pickup
Lower Pickup: Magnet Dual Pickup
Frets: high anti-oxidation cupronickel frets
Fret Size: Large
Upper pillow material: high-grade real beef bone
Upper pillow specification: 42MM
Strings: American Elixir 19052
String standard: chrome-plated fully enclosed with locking string function
Colt: Wilkinson WOV05
Line: 1× volume adjustment, 1× tone adjustment, 5-speed switch, mini switch with single cut

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