2023 ENA Alto Saxophone with Yamaha 4C mouthpiece


HK$2,980.00  HK$4,980.00

Designed for the ABRSM Grade 5 exam

  • Suitable for video exams
  • Tuned by saxophone tutor Chester Lo before sale
  • Get it right in one step, no need to search again and try again

Equipped with Yamaha 4C mouthpiece, stable output

  • Yamaha 4C is recognized as the most stable mouthpiece in the world
  • Positioning user level five exam
  • Stable output, durable

Students of our school have applied for the CET-5 exam

  • The long-standing model of Flight Music, which has been used for more than 10 years
  • After years of revisions
  • Including mouthpiece, insufficient PAD sealing and other problems solved

The best balance between cost and quality

  • Configuration has top F# key
  • Improved to ENA eighth generation gasket
  • It has been improved into a lightweight and anti-collision soft box, which is more convenient to carry.

Full set of accessories

  • Portable soft box
  • Yamaha 4C mouthpiece
  • A box of reeds
  • Wood resin gutta-percha
  • Cleaning cloth and gloves

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