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Discontinued Yamaha CLP-585 PE Piano Lacquer Digital Piano

Discontinued Yamaha CLP-585 PE Piano Lacquer Digital Piano

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"Real Grand Expression" sounds, touches, pedals - the perfect way to play a grand piano

The term "Real Grand Expression" defines the expressive capabilities of the Clavinova digital piano. It not only fully embodies the tone, touch and pedal of a grand piano, but also uses the rich techniques of making traditional pianos to perfectly integrate these three elements. Through the way you touch keys and pedal, you can fully present the tone you want to express, giving you a grand piano-like playing experience.

Detailed and beautiful sound

Sounds from the world's top performance grand pianos

Left: Yamaha-CFX Right: Bösendorfer Imperial

CFX- is Yamaha's top performance grand piano designated by the winner of the 2010 Chopard Piano Competition.
Bösendorfer Imperial - is a handmade piano from Bösendorfer, which has a long history and is highly regarded by pianists.
These two prestigious grand pianos each have a vibrant, incomparably delicate, crisp and bright, gentle and smooth tone.
Both of these extreme tones are now on the Clavinova. The tones are individually sampled by experienced piano technicians for perfect accuracy. Let Clavinova truly get the sound of these two unique and outstanding instruments.
On the Clavinova, you can enjoy the CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial that everyone is looking for with the ultimate beautiful tone.

Analog Resonance System - Can create an overall resonance effect like a performance grand piano.

The schematic diagram shows how resonance works on a grand piano, and the VRM system uses this concept to simulate the effect of resonance.

On a grand piano, the sound resonates throughout the body, creating a rich reverberation around the listener.
This reverberation effect can be perfectly reproduced on the Clavinova by simulating the resonance system, which clearly calculates the 88 notes on the keyboard from one note to the next with a large number of strings. It can deploy bright and varied resonance expressions, which can also reflect the real details of many performances without limitation. The reverberation intensity is perfectly matched to the performance and dynamics of the pedal, such as on a wide range of keyboard presses.

Smooth pitch-changing performance in perfect harmony with keyboard play

The sound changes emotionally with the intensity of the playing

By changing the way the keys are touched, the player can freely express subtle changes such as the volume of the playing, the strength of the piano sound, and the softness and brightness of the tones.
Clavinova spends a long time carefully sampling each piano note, in order to perfectly reproduce the piano sound with rich details, and can respond sensitively to the strength of each note played by the player, making the perfect expression change of the piano sound.

From staccato to smooth, it fully reflects the player's sensitive and excellent playing performance.

Paired with Yamaha's smooth tone release technology, the Clavinova is able to extend the crisp tone when playing staccato. Respond to the player's meticulous playing expression.

Left: Fingers release keys quickly (staccato) Right: Fingers release keys slowly (continuous tone)

Off-key sampling

As the player lifts their fingers off the grand piano, the timbre of the instrument will change slightly as the damper is lowered to mute the strings. The off-string resonance is a real recording of these detailed changes, which adds a lot of authenticity to the performance.

256 maximum number of voices

The increase in the number of vocalizations makes it possible to play a large number of notes at the same time without the lack of vocalizations causing some notes to be missed.

First-class playing experience

Natural wood (NWX) keyboard

Natural Wood (NWX) keyboards were created to be used on Yamaha's unparalleled professional wood craftsmanship for over a century of excellent handcrafted pianos. Just like grand pianos, the woods used on NWX keyboards are exclusively used as musical instruments. High-quality logs that have been delicately dried.
Identical to the hammer system and spring mechanism utilized on grand pianos, the NWX keyboard reproduces the heavier tactile feel of a real piano when played in the bass position, and the softer tactile feel of the treble position. At the same time, three sets of induction systems are built in, which can accurately sense the subtle changes in the sound that the player wants to present, which is very similar to the tactile feeling of playing a grand piano.
NWX keyboards are equipped with dummy hammer mechanisms with sensitive mechanisms that sense light hits near the bottom of the key depression; they are designed to sense a variety of light strokes, making the keys feel like a grand piano The keyboard strike system is the same.

The ivory-like key surface treatment maintains a responsive feel even when played for long periods of time.

The elegant imitation ivory keyboard allows people to enjoy the touch of the keys close to the fingers like a top grand piano. At the same time, the soft and breathable surface of the keys increases the grip and friction when playing the keyboard, which can avoid the dilemma of slippery hands caused by long-term playing or practice, making it easier to play.

88-key Linear Hierarchical Hammer Sensing System

Grand piano hammers

Accurately reproduced the touch feeling of different weights and keys after the key is pressed and released, so that no two keys feel exactly the same, making the playing approaching perfect authenticity.

Having a damper pedal similar to that of a grand piano can provide a very realistic grand piano pedal feel.

The CLP-585 has a damper pedal like a grand piano, providing the grand piano’s excellent sound continuation curve. The lighter touch at the beginning will gradually increase as the pedal is pressed deeper, which also allows the player to get used to the real platform. The nuances of the piano's use of the pedals.

Like a grand piano, it can have different touch feeling in the range of pedal pressing, and can control the tone sensitively when playing.

Excellent sound technology

The overall resonance system makes the piano sound like a classic piano in front of you

Just like a traditional piano, the Clavinova is carefully calibrated, the positioning of the speakers and the overall materials will be fully confirmed, and the resonance design of the instrument is required to be in the best state. In order to make the sound quite close to the real grand piano, the tone escapement of the instrument is designed so that the sound penetrates the whole, so that the listener will not hear the sound that is restricted by the body.

two-channel speakers

Professional audio equipment for mid and high frequencies delivers stunning and powerful sound.

Sound optimization system - control the correct standard balanced tone

The Clavinova models are equipped with a sound optimization system that can modulate the sound and adjust the tone.
The new sound-optimizing technology was developed from Yamaha's longstanding knowledge of traditional instruments. This feature enables the digital piano to deliver a natural, smooth and rich sound.

Other features

Easy to understand interface to use

The clear LCD screen and intuitive design make it easy to operate the Clavinova and give you more time to focus on your playing.

Extensive piano lessons

Allows you to learn the piano techniques of Hanon, Beyer, Karl Cherny and Burgmüller.

Enrich your performance with a variety of rhythms

Enjoy playing with various styles of rhythms like jazz, pop, latin...and more.

Has the ability to record multi-track performances

The Clavinova's recording function allows you to record your performance, and when you want to review your performance, all you need is a button. In addition, you can record sixteen tracks individually, and play back performances from multiple tracks simultaneously. It's like recording the performance of your left and right hands separately, and you can choose different sound combinations for different recording tracks.
The recorded file format is saved as a MIDI file. And can also record files on a USB device. Using compatible software on your computer, you will be able to play your recorded performance files.

Recording sound files using a USB device

Record your performance to a USB storage device and create a sound file (WAV format), so you can easily play the file on your computer, or even burn it to a CD to share with friends and family.

Not only excellent piano sounds, but also a full range of high-quality sounds for you to use.

In addition to the world's highest-level grand piano sounds, the Clavinova CLP series also has other impressive high-quality sounds, such as classic electric pianos and various types of organ sounds. Allows you to freely choose your ideal tone to play the type of music you want and fully enjoy the fun of CLP.

The new reverberation system provides you to choose the reverberation coefficient adjustment in different environments with the size of the space, so that the reverberation sounds more natural and more realistic.

The new reverb system allows you to enjoy the satisfaction of giving a solo recital in a large concert hall, or creating ethereal and dreamlike reverbs, or having the remnants of a dynamically echoing pipe organ in a cathedral. sound ability.
The Clavinova series allows you to add depth and ambience to the sound of your choice with these finely crafted reverbs, and enjoy playing at home in a concert hall ambience and a spacious three-dimensional feel.

"IAC Smart Audio Control" "A function suitable for playing at home.

When playing at home, it is not always possible to play at a high volume, so the ability to adjust the volume becomes quite useful. Often, when turning down the volume, you will find it difficult to hear the highs and lows clearly. But Clavinova's IAC Intelligent Audio Control (IAC) automatically adjusts the sound so you can enjoy the correct sound balance at any volume setting.

Headphone Stereo Optimization - Optimized stereo for a new headphone sound experience

Yamaha's unique Stereo Optimizer program adjusts the spatial dimension of the sound and when you're listening through headphones, the spatial dynamics of the sound are more spacious and more inspiring to play for hours on end.

The Musical Instrument APP expands your musical functions and musical horizons that can be combined with each other.

Clavinova combined with APP

If you have an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, you can download and use Yamaha apps to make playing easier and more fun! (Some apps require a different country account to download, and the content of the apps varies by region)

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