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YAMAHA CLP-785 Digital Piano

YAMAHA CLP-785 Digital Piano

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YAMAHA today released the replacement of the Clavinova CLP-600 series: the CLP-700 series.

A total of 6 models of the new CLP-700 series are released this time:

Yamaha clp735

Yamaha clp745

Yamaha clp775

Yamaha clp785

And two grand piano exterior models:

Yamaha clp765GP

Yamaha clp795GP (corresponding to upright piano appearance CLP-745 and CLP-785 respectively )

The new CLP-700 series differs in tone and keyboard from the previous CLP-600 series.

The new CLP-700 series features newly sampled CFX piano sounds and Bösendorfer piano sounds, new head model binaural sampled CFX piano sounds and Bösendorfer piano sounds, and enhances the VRM virtual resonance model in terms of sonic detail. mold technology.

And new grand piano expressive modeling technology, in addition, also preset 4 early piano sounds.

The high-end models CLP-775 , CLP-785 and CLP-795GP have added a grand piano acoustic image system, which brings out the grand piano sound field under the small body of the digital piano.

Clp785/795 introduces studio grand tone, uses yamaha c7 piano samples, has additional auxiliary pedal interface (can use FC7 pedal)

In terms of keyboards , the new CLP-700 series mid-to-low-end models use Yamaha 's new keyboard, GrandTouch-S (shrinked version of the GrandTouch keyboard), which is divided into solid wood keyboards ( CLP-745 ) and non-solid wood keyboards ( CLP-735 ) two versions,

Used to replace the NWX and GH3X , while the higher-end models CLP-775 and CLP-785 use a modified version of the GrandTouch keyboard.

The appearance of the new CLP-700 series has not changed significantly from the CLP-600 series, but the front legs of the piano have a more obvious arc, which is more beautiful.

In terms of user experience , the CLP-775 and CLP-785 turn the tone selection function panel on the left into a touch switch panel.

In terms of connecting to the APP , the CLP-700 not only supports the Smart Pianist APP, which can control the piano functions and select sounds through the iPad , but also supports the newly launched Visual Performer APP by YAMAHA .

Through this APP , you can "see" your music performance graphically. Selected graphic animations will play along with the melody and intensity of the performance and change over time, linking the music with the visuals and bringing the stage performance to life.

In addition, the new CLP-700 series also adds Bluetooth MIDI and Bluetooth audio.

The new CLP-700 series is expected to be introduced to Hong Kong by the end of 2020.

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