Discontinued YAMAHA CLP-535 digital piano


HK$13,988.00  HK$17,988.00

  • Equipped with Yamaha's top CFX grand grand piano and Bösendorfer Imperial (Bösendorfer imperial piano) sound samples.
  • 256 maximum number of voices
  • The keyboard system of the new generation GH3X has an imitating tooth-like keyboard surface and a hammer simulation system.
  • Yamaha audio system technology "Acoustic Optimizer" (sound optimization)
  • "IAC Smart Audio Control" provides you with a more comprehensive and balanced volume.
  • 303 piano practice songs


"Real Grand Expression" tone, touch keys, pedals-perfect presentation of the sense of playing grand piano

The term "Real Grand Expression" defines the expressive capabilities of Clavinova's digital pianos. It not only fully embodies the timbre, touch keys and pedals of the grand piano, but also uses the rich techniques of making traditional pianos to perfectly integrate these three elements. Through the way you touch the keys and pedal, the sound you want to express is fully presented, giving you a grand piano-like playing experience.

Fine and delicate sound

The sound comes from the world's top performance grand piano

Left: Yamaha-CFX Right: Bösendorfer Imperial

CFX- is the Yamaha top performance grand piano designated by the winner of the 2010 Chopin Piano Competition.
Bösendorfer Imperial-is a handmade piano made by Bösendorfer, who has a long history and is highly praised by pianists.
These two well-known grand pianos each have a vigorous, delicate, crisp and bright, gentle and stable sound.
Both of these extreme piano sounds are now carried on Clavinova. The pitch is sampled independently by experienced piano technicians, showing perfect accuracy. Let Clavinova truly obtain these two unique and outstanding instrument sounds.
On Clavinova, you can enjoy the infinite charm of CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial, which have the most beautiful sound.

Re-made resonant dampers and deep and thick reverberation like an acoustic piano

Clavinova faithfully reproduced the unique string resonance of an acoustic piano, presenting a more mature and mellow tone color when the strings resonate with each other. This also creates a beautiful tone and deep resonance.
In addition to the resonance of the strings themselves, the sustained resonance reproduces the deeper and wider sound area of the traditional piano.
At the same time, when you depress the sustain pedal, it can also reflect the change in tone like a grand piano. Including the fusion of the sound from the shed and the sound that accumulates resonance during simulation.

The sound will change emotionally with the intensity of playing

By changing the way the keys are touched, the player can freely express subtle changes in the volume of playing, the strength of the piano tone, and the softness and brightness of the pitch.
Clavinova spends a long time carefully sampling each piano note in order to perfectly reproduce the piano sound with rich details, and can sensitively respond to the intensity of each note played by the player, and make the perfect expression change of the piano sound.

From staccato to sleek, it fully reflects the player's sensitive and outstanding performance.

Coupled with Yamaha's smooth tone release technology, Clavinova can extend a crisp tone when playing staccato. Respond to the performer's delicate playing expressions.

Left: Quickly let go of the key with your finger (interrupted sound), Right: Let go of the key with your finger slowly (continuous sound)

Off-key sampling

When the player's fingers are lifted away from the grand piano, the timbre of the instrument will change slightly as the dampers are lowered to mute the strings. The off-key sampling is to actually record these changes in details, making the performance more real.

256 maximum number of pronunciations

The increase in the number of sounds can prevent some notes from being missed due to insufficient number of sounds when a large number of notes are played at the same time.

First-class playing experience

GH3X gradient keyboard equipped with a new simulated hammer system

Equipped with a mechanical device similar to the hammer percussion system of a grand piano, the GH3X keyboard reproduces the heavier touch of a real piano when playing the bass position, and the softer touch of the treble position. At the same time, there are three built-in sensing systems, which can accurately sense the subtle changes in the sound that the player wants to present, which is very similar to the touch of playing a grand piano.
The newly-developed GH3X keyboard is equipped with a simulated hammer device, which has a sensitive device that senses slight tapping near the bottom of the key depression; they are designed to sense and recognize a variety of light playing methods, so that the touch of the playing keys feels just right. Like the keyboard percussion system of a grand piano.

size and weight

size width 1461mm
high 927mm
deep 459mm
weight weight 58.0kg

control Panel

keyboard Number of keys 88

Control device

keyboard species GH3X keyboard (imitation ivory key material, simulated hammer device)

control Panel

keyboard Touch sensitivity Hard 2, Hard 1, Medium, Soft 1, Soft 2, Fixed
pedal Number of pedals 3
Half effect pedal Yes
Features Sustain (with half-step effect), specific sustain, soft tone
Display screen Types of Full Dot LCD
control Panel Language English


Keyboard cover Keyboard cover style Sliding, hidden panel keyboard cover
Music Stand Yes


Audio source sampling technology Piano tone Yamaha CFX, Bösendorfer Imperial
Sound source Off-key sampling Yes
String resonance sampling Yes
Tone generation Smooth release Yes
Sustained resonance Yes
Number of voices Maximum number of simultaneous voices 256
Built-in Number of tones 34


species Reverb 6
chorus 3
Brightness 7
Types of Main effect 12
Intelligent Audio Control (IAC) Yes
Features Duet/Overlap Yes
Split tone Yes


Preset Number of built-in music 18 (Tone Demonstration), 50 (Piano), 303 (Piano Etude)
recording Number of Songs 250
Number of recording tracks 16


USB audio recording Play WAV
recording WAV
Metronome Rhythm range 5~500
Overall control transposition Yes
Other controllers Tuning, scale type, etc.

Storage and connection

store Built-in memory 1.5MB
external device USB Flash Memory
connection Headphone jack 2
MIDI Input, output, transfer
AUX IN Stereo Mini

Amplifier and speaker

Amplifier 30W x 2
speaker 16cm x 2 [6-5/16" x 2]

Amplifiers and Speakers

Acoustic Optimizer Yes

Power supply

power consumption 20W


annex Headphone hook, 50 piano scores

The surface treatment of the imitated ivory keys can maintain a sensitive touch even if you play for a long time.

The elegant ivory keyboard allows people to enjoy the touch of the keys close to the fingers like a top grand piano. At the same time, the soft and breathable surface of the keyboard increases the grip and friction when playing the keyboard, which can avoid the dilemma of slippery hands caused by sweaty hands during long-time playing or practice, making it easier to play.

Excellent sound quality technology

The overall resonance system makes the sound of the piano appear like a classic piano in front of you

Just like a traditional piano, in order to ensure the best state of the Clavinova resonance design, the speaker positioning and piano body material have been fully confirmed under the delicate calibration. Make the sound closer to the real grand piano, and the horn is also designed so that each frequency can be completely transmitted to the ears of the listener, without being restricted by the body of the instrument.

Sound optimization system-to ensure a balanced tone

Clavinova is equipped with a sound optimization system that can adjust the flow of sound and tone control.
The new sound optimization technology comes from the research and development of Yamaha's proficiency in traditional musical instruments all the way. This feature enables digital pianos to deliver natural, smooth and rich sounds.

Other features

Easy-to-understand interface to use

The clear LCD screen and intuitive design allow you to easily operate Clavinova, and also give you more time to focus on your playing.

Extensive piano lessons

Allows you to learn the piano skills of Hanon, Bayer, Karl Cherny and Burgmuller.

Has the function of recording multi-track performances

Clavinova's recording function allows you to record your performance. When you want to view your performance, you only need a button. In addition, you can record 16 tracks separately, and can play multi-track recorded performances at the same time. It's like recording your left and right hand performance separately, and different recording tracks can choose different timbres.
The file format of the recording will be saved as a MIDI file. And it can also record files on a USB device. And using compatible software on your computer will be able to play back your recorded performance files.

Recording sound files using a USB device

Record your performance to a USB storage device and create a sound file (WAV format), so that you can conveniently put the file on your computer for playback, or even burn it into a CD to share with friends and family.

Not only excellent piano sounds, but also a variety of comprehensive types of high-quality sounds for you to use.

In addition to the world's highest-grade grand piano sounds, the Clavinova CLP series has other impressive high-quality sounds, such as classic electronic pianos and various types of pipe organ sounds. Allows you to freely choose your ideal timbre to play the type of music you want and fully enjoy the fun of CLP performance.

The brand-new reverberation system allows you to adjust the reverberation coefficient of different environments and the size of the space, so that the reverberation sounds more natural and real.

The new reverberation system allows you to enjoy the satisfaction of having a solo recital in a large concert hall, or create an elegant and dreamlike reverberation, as well as the reverberation of a pipe organ full of dynamic echoes in the cathedral. Sound ability.
The Clavinova series allows you to add these delicate reverbs to the tone of your choice to add depth and atmosphere to the tone, and you can enjoy playing in the atmosphere of a concert hall and spacious space at home.

"IAC Smart Audio Control" "A function suitable for playing at home.

When playing at home, you can’t always play at a high volume, so the ability to adjust the volume becomes quite practical. Usually, when you turn down the volume, you will find it difficult to hear the treble and bass. However, the IAC Intelligent Audio Control (IAC) equipped with Clavinova can automatically adjust the sound so that you can enjoy the correct sound balance at any volume setting.

The musical instrument APP application expands your musical horizons.

Clavinova and APP application combined

If you have an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, you will be able to download and use Yamaha apps to make playing more convenient and fun! (Some apps require an account in other countries to download, and the content of apps varies by region)

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