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YAMAHA CSP-150 Digital Piano

YAMAHA CSP-150 Digital Piano

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My music. My piano. My way

YAMAHA CSP150 Digital Piano, Clavinova's new CSP series is equipped with the most fashionable cutting-edge intelligent technology and concepts, giving you the ability to play the music you want, and let you realize your dreams with the piano.

Enjoy a simple and intuitive dedicated app "Smart Pianist" on your smart device

No more frustrations!

Clavinova CSP will share with you how easy it is to play the piano and how fun it is to write music. The exclusive Clavinova Smart Pianist app analyzes the piece you want to play and creates a matching piano score. Just follow Stream Lights!


Pick a piece of music, anything goes...

Select a song from your audio/song collection.


Audio Arranger

Download a song to the Smart Pianist app, and the "Audio to Score" feature will instantly analyze the chords and create a score.


Follow Steam Lights

Now you are ready to play! Let the Stream Lights guide your fingers while you play the song.

Quick start demonstration video

When you're ready to take on the solo challenge, the built-in songs in the Clavinova CSP series provide you with immediate fun playing, or you can purchase more songs from Yamaha MusicSoft ( If you're not so confident in your playing ability, you can rely on Stream Lights for instructions.

Clavinova is an evolving line of digital piano products dedicated to the touch and tone of a performance grand piano—the ultimate symbol of piano craftsmanship. Such authentic experience in acoustic piano playing comes from Yamaha's accumulated knowledge and expertise in acoustic piano making for more than a hundred years. Clavinova digital pianos utilize state-of-the-art technology to achieve grand piano quality, providing an engaging playing experience regardless of player level. They emulate the touch and tone of a grand piano, and make the transition from a digital to an acoustic piano seamless and enjoyable.

    At the touch of a button, the CSP series offers two world-renowned performance grand pianos, allowing you to choose the piano sound that best suits your song. The CSP series does more than just sample sound sources, but reproduces Yamaha CFX performance grand pianos and the legendary Bӧsendorfer emperor models in detail.

      Now, Yamaha's advanced binaural sampling technology is also available in Clavinova. This technology is used to sample the sound source of Yamaha's most acclaimed performance grand piano, CFX, using a special microphone to capture position information and other subtle differences that the human ear ignores, creating a sound that is so natural and perfectly enveloping that you'll soon forget He was actually wearing headphones.

        The CSP-170 features hundreds of high-quality instrument sounds, including sound samples specially adapted to the instrument type, such as "Natural!", "Sweet!" and "Cool!". Yamaha's Super Articulate Voice (SA) adds features that only appear when a real instrument is played, as if a performer is playing the instrument, rather than purely from the piano keyboard, such as the glissando and slap of a guitar, the suction and sound of wind instruments. glissando. Simply by changing your touch, changing your playing technique, or using the foot pedal, SA Voices can add a more realistic look to your sound.

          One of the special features of CSP Clavinova is that you can control most of the accompaniment styles by playing chords on the keyboard instantly, adding different musical styles to your performances by virtual musicians. By playing, you can control the chords, harmonies, and their intensity of your virtual orchestra, ranging from jazz bands to large orchestras. The accompaniment styles have been co-developed by an elite group of musicians from around the world to add authenticity and let record accompaniment-grade musicians join your performances - even if you're just playing alone!

            The CSP-150's keyboard feel has been praised by pianists alike, making you forget you're playing a digital piano, bringing true responsive force and natural key response to your touch. Utilizing the same hammer system and springless mechanism as a grand piano, the GH3X mechanism accurately reproduces the feel of an acoustic piano from the heavier bass range to the lighter upper octave.

              The escapement mechanism in a grand piano allows the hammers to lift quickly after being struck, avoiding any interference with the vibration of the strings. This mechanism produces a slight click when the keys are tapped. Given the exceptional sound, touch and pedal that the Real Grand Expression brings to the player, we decided to create the escapement without compromising performance, offering outstanding playability, repeatability and response. Clavinova keyboards feature an escapement mechanism that reproduces this feel near the bottom of the keyboard, designed to click only on the lightest key strokes, like a grand piano keyboard. These keyboards are tuned to provide extra friction that balances the repeatability and responsiveness of the keys without hindering performance.

                The sensitivity of the fingers is much higher than we think, so the texture of the keys is very important to the pianist. The NWX keyboard is equipped with white keys developed by Yamaha with high-quality simulated ivory material. The key surface can reproduce the surface touch of ivory keyboards on acoustic pianos in the past. Ideal texture and touch. This Yamaha-exclusive technology is derived from over a hundred years of piano making to produce such natural and comfortable results. In addition to the tactile feel, the appearance and delicate texture of the keys are unmatched by other digital pianos, and will surely impress the player at the moment of actual experience.

                  The keyboard plays a very important role in translating emotion from fingertips to sound. In order to maintain an excellent tactile feel after playing for a long time, the keys must be played very smoothly, which is why Yamaha has installed keyboard stabilizers on all 88 keys to provide the player with a natural touch, And strengthen the stability and durability of the keyboard.

                    In a grand piano, the strings and sound resonate with the rich reverberation from the whole body, which surrounds the listener. It's not just the strings you play that vibrate, but other strings that follow, which is why the piano sound is so sophisticated and rich.

                    Clavinova is equipped with a Virtual Resonance System (VRM), which perfectly reproduces this articulation pattern by calculating the vibration of the strings on 88 keys from each moment to the next. As a result, the Clavinova reflects the innumerable and varied variables that affect articulation when playing an acoustic piano, such as the key pressed, how hard the key is played, and the timing of when the pedal is pressed.

                      The horn attached to the body will cause a situation: without any additional operation, the volume of the sound will increase due to the resonance of the body; on the contrary, if a pipe with the same resonance frequency is installed in the body, it can be suppressed This resonance. Acoustic optimizers are used for this phenomenon.

                      This sound improvement technology is made possible thanks to Yamaha's in-depth knowledge of the acoustic properties of instruments.

                        You can enjoy karaoke backing tapes using songs stored in Clavinova or downloaded from Lyrics are displayed on the Smart Pianist app, and the color of the words changes as the song progresses, so you know exactly when to cut in.

                        Connect a microphone and you can play and sing. The Vocal Harmony system creates advanced sonic harmonies, enriches your vocals, and corrects pitch!

                          The recording function of the Clavinova digital piano allows you to record your performance with the touch of a button*, allowing you to objectively review your performance. Plus, you can record up to 16 tracks for simultaneous playback, separate hands for recording, or use different sounds to create layered parts.

                          *The recording format is MIDI and can also be recorded to the Smart Pianist app.

                            Record performances to the Smart Pianist app and create audio files* that can be stored and played back on your smart device.

                              The Smart Pianist app not only supports wired connection, but also wireless connection via UD-WL01 Wireless LAN Switch.

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