YAMAHA CSP-170 Digital Piano


HK$19,880.00  HK$29,980.00

Enjoy the simple and intuitive exclusive application "Smart Pianist" on your smart device.

2020-12-16 Customer Cases in Mid-Levels Central

No more frustrations!

Clavinova CSP will share with you how easy it is to play the piano and how fun it is to write music. The exclusive Clavinova Smart Pianist app can analyze the music you want to play and then create a matching piano score. Just follow Stream Lights!


Choose a piece of music, anything...

Choose a song from your audio/song collection.


Audio Arrangement

Download the music to the Smart Pianist app, the "Audio to Score" function will immediately analyze the chords and create scores.


Follow Steam Lights

Now you are ready to play! While playing the music, let Stream Lights guide your fingers.

Quick start demonstration video

When you are ready to challenge solo, the built-in music of the Clavinova CSP series can provide you with immediate fun to play, or you can purchase more music from Yamaha MusicSoft (http://www.yamahamusicsoft.com). If you are not so confident in your playing ability, you can rely on the instructions of Stream Lights.

The Clavinova CSP series provides excellent talents for expressing musical expression, with a variety of instrument sounds, and has a simple and elegant appearance that is no less than connotation. As long as you specify the accompaniment style, you can also indulge in an ensemble such as rock, jazz band or Bossa Nova orchestra.

Do you want to sing too? CSP is equipped with a microphone input function, it can also harmonize when you sing!

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