((2021 Spot)) YAMAHA F-310 Steel Wire Wooden Guitar


HK$1,280.00  HK$1,688.00

Product Name: YAMAHA F310 Folk Ballad

Guitar Brand: Yamaha

Model: F310 box

Material classification: plywood

Color classification: new upgrade F310 classic version

Panel material: spruce

Fingerboard material: rosewood

Back and side panel material: Willow eucalyptus wood

Grade: 21

Winder: closed knob

YAMAHA F310 guitar, the world's best-selling folk guitar, best-selling in the world for more than 40 years, enduring and selling legend! First choice for entry! Although it is just a plywood piano, it still upholds the fine workmanship and comfortable feel that Yamaha has always pursued. It has a pure tone, elegant appearance and comfortable feel. The overall design is quite satisfactory and can play most styles of music.

The F310 panel is spruce, the back and side panels are Liuan wood, the neck is Nadu wood, the fingerboard and the bridge are rosewood, 41 inches, simple, beautiful, highly polished appearance and spruce panel without any processing and bleaching, wood The pattern is natural and the resonance is very good. You can get very good results whether you practice at home or perform in performances. Both bass and midrange scales have strong explosive power. The string pitch is not high or low. It is just right. The feel It is designed according to the hand shape suitable for Asians, and the neck is extremely smooth, which is very suitable for beginners. ! For novices, the feel and tone are enough. There is also that some unnamed pianos are easy to crack naturally due to poor craftsmanship. YAMAHA will not have such a problem, and the service life is also an important reference index. Lu Yao knows horsepower! If you are just learning the guitar, you can buy this introductory one. In addition, there is an upgraded F600 based on the F310, which is also quite good.

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