YAMAHA P-255 Digital Piano


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Yamaha P-255 overview

The best portable digital piano

If you are looking for a digital piano suitable for both home practice and live performance, the P-255 digital piano is definitely your best choice! The portable and simple design makes the P-255 digital piano suitable for playing anywhere.

The appearance is simple and smooth, easy to carry, P-255 digital piano has perfect performance ability. Keyboard, timbre, resonance, each is the top work of YAMAHA P series digital pianos. Whether you are an expert or an amateur player, you will definitely fall in love with this perfect digital piano.

The comfortable imitation ivory keys will definitely make you love it

P-255 is equipped with GH imitation ivory keys that are similar to the touch of a grand piano. It presents a natural touch with heavy bass and light treble. It has superior moisture absorption to prevent sweat from causing slippery hands, allowing people to keep them well for a long time. The playing feel is also suitable for quick finger movement, allowing you to easily play any style of music.
The keys of the P-255 can also be set to four different velocity sensitivity. For example, you can adjust the velocity sensitivity to a bit heavier during Hanon practice; in addition, you can also set it to have a greater volume when playing softly. You can set it freely.

The maximum number of simultaneous sounds of the top 256 notes in the digital piano industry

P-255 is the first in YAMAHA’s P-Series series of digital pianos to adopt the highest specification of 256-tone maximum simultaneous sounding number. Therefore, the playing will be smoother, the sustain sound will be more beautiful, and you don’t have to worry about playing complex music anymore. There will be stuttering. This feature also makes the experience of playing P-255 closer to a grand piano.

A sound source that perfectly presents the sound of a grand piano

P-255 is equipped with "pure CF piano sound sampling source", which can perfectly present the sound of YAMAHA concert grand piano. At the same time, P-255 is also the only digital piano in the P series equipped with the following technologies, which can easily present a playing platform The delicate dynamic performance and emotion of the piano:

"Key-off sampling" technology can capture the subtle sound changes when the key is released. The different key-off tones also make playing staccato and sustain techniques feel more realistic.
"Sustained Sampling" technology samples the sound changes produced when the pedal is pressed, and the P-255 reproduces a more realistic sound.
"String Resonance" Technology The technology that makes other strings resonate when hammers are struck on the strings, which perfectly reproduces the high-quality sound of a grand piano.

Sophisticated acoustic design makes the sound more detailed and realistic

The P-255 concentrates highly natural vibration circular speakers to create a balanced tone, and makes the bass tone more full, and there is a built-in tweeter to make the treble tone brighter, plus a pair of built-in 15W amplifiers to make the sound More powerful. In addition, the direction of sound propagation is also considered in the design. With these advanced technical designs, we have successfully designed an amazing standard size digital piano.

Faithfully present the design of traditional piano

In addition to a simple and elegant design, the P-255 has a curved and smooth appearance that resembles a real piano, and is also available in black and white two-color styles. Although the number of control buttons on the panel is reduced, the appearance is more streamlined and the operation is easier.
Going back to the sound, we use a lot of techniques to make the player more enjoy the playing experience, such as increasing the space for tone escapement, so that the player can enjoy a cleaner tone. The extra tripod also makes the P-255 more like a traditional piano.

The P-255 plays like a real piano, but at the same time it can help you express all kinds of creativity. It is very suitable for players who like to play a variety of different styles of music to explore new possibilities of music.

Built-in rhythm makes the performance more attractive

Has a new rhythm function, equipped with ten different rhythm patterns: such as pop, jazz, Bossa nova or other genres that are often played on the piano. Use rhythm to emphasize the mood of the song and make your performance more exciting.
When using the rhythm, the P-255 will automatically play an intro, and when the rhythm is stopped, it will also be accompanied by a condensed and powerful ending. This function is very suitable for self-playing singers or performing live performances. In addition, you can adjust the rhythm speed or use the metronome to make the practice more interesting.

Variety of tones

In addition to the essential piano sounds, you can also enjoy various instrument sounds on the P-255, such as organ, strings, bass, and even synthetic sounds. You can switch different timbres between different songs, and you can also overlap the timbres of different timbres, allowing you to explore musicality other than piano.

P-255 is also the only current P-series model that allows you to quickly change the tone, volume, and other functions that you often need to use when playing. Therefore, P-255 is very suitable for use in different situations and different needs.

Use the equalizer lever to adjust to the environment and personal unique tone

The P-255 has three independent equalizers for low, mid and high frequencies, allowing you to easily change the current tone to match the song you play or the environment you play. Not only makes the performance more exciting, but also makes your performance more unique, such as using the equalizer to adjust the high frequency to create a shining and translucent sound, or adjusting the middle and low frequencies to create a strong sound.

Sound Boost volume boost function makes the sound more prominent

Example of the sound waveform produced when playing a melody

As long as a button, P-255 can easily enhance the volume and highlight the tone. The Sound Boost volume boost function makes it possible to increase the volume without causing tone distortion, maintaining a clean tone and good dynamics.
When playing ensemble with other instruments, the Sound Boost volume boost function can make the P-255's sound outstanding and powerful. And when playing solo, playing in a wide square, or performing self-play and self-sing, it can also maintain a clear and beautiful timbre.

More features to make live performances more interesting

When the P-255 is connected to an external speaker, the built-in speakers can be set to mute; the control panel can be temporarily locked to avoid accidentally changing settings during performance; these functions can ensure that important performances will not go wrong.

Use a USB flash drive to record

P-255 can use USB flash drive for recording. In the past, only external devices could be used for recording, but now it is enough to connect the USB flash drive directly. The format of the recording is .wav, which means you can play it on a computer or a device that can read the .wav file format immediately after the recording is completed, so that you can read the recording file or share it with your friends to listen to your wonderful performance.

Can be used with a simple and intuitive control APP

Simply download the free P-255 Controller APP and connect the P-255 to your iPhone or iPad, you can control the various functions of the P-255 in a simple and intuitive way. The visual control interface allows you to easily try the functions you have never tried before (many functions are only available for digital pianos), and will definitely make you experience even better playing fun. You can also use this APP to store your preferences.
*Requires connection with Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter/iPad Camera Connection Kit or purchase of Yamaha i-MX1/i-UX1 cable.

size and weight

size width 1,333mm (52-1/2”)
high 148mm (5-13/16”)
deep 351mm (13-13/16”)
weight weight 17.3kg (38 lbs., 2 oz)

control Panel

keyboard Number of keys 88
Touch sensitivity Soft / medium / strong / fixed
Display screen Types of led
control Panel Language English

Control device

keyboard species Progressive hammer standard keyboard (GH) / imitation ivory keyboard
Picture size 7-Segment


Audio source sampling technology Piano tone Pure CF piano sound sampling
Sound source Stereo sustain sampling Have
Off-key sampling Have
String resonance sampling Have
Tone generation Sustained resonance Have
Number of voices Maximum number of simultaneous voices 256
Built-in Number of tones 24 (Grand piano: 4, electric piano: 4, organ: 4, CLV/VIB: 4, others: 8)


Types of Master equalizer 3 segments
species Reverb 4 types (Room, Hall1, Hall2, Stage)
chorus Have
Phaser Have
Rotary speaker Have
Vibrato/automatic sound direction effect Have


Types SOUND BOOST 3 types


Features Duet (Duo) / Tone Overlap (Dual) Have
Split tone Have


Built-in Number of rhythms 10


Functions Start/end, prelude/endo


Preset Number of built-in music 24 timbre demo songs + 50 piano songs
recording Number of Songs 10
Number of recording tracks 2
Data capacity Approximately 1.5 MB (approximately 550KB/track)
Compatible data format Play SMF (Format 0, Format 1)
recording SMF (Format 0)


Other Functions Part Cancel, AB Repeat, Start/Stop with pedal, Changing Voice & tempo after recording


Overall control Metronome Have
Tempo range 5-500
transposition -12 to 0, 0 to +12
tuning 414.8-440-466.8 Hz
Temperament type 7 types

Storage and connection

store Built-in memory About 1 MB
external device USB Flash Memory (optional)

Save and connect

Connect DC input DC IN 16V

Storage and connection

connection Headphone jack x 2
Auxiliary pedal Have

Save and connect

Connect Pedal part Have

Storage and connection

connection MIDI In/Out

Amplifier and speaker

Amplifier 15W x 2
speaker (10cm + 2.5cm) x 2

Power supply

electricity supply AC power rectifier (PA-300C or equivalent)

Power supply

power consumption 15W (when using PA-300C)

electricity supply

Auto shutdown function Have


Optional accessories Music rest (depending on the location, may not be available for purchase) Have
Included accessories Pedal/foot pedal switch FC4

Songs (Audio)

Recording Time Each recording is about 80 minutes
Compatible Data Format Recording .wav (44.1 kHz sample rate, 16-bit resolution, stereo)
Playback .wav (44.1 kHz sample rate, 16-bit resolution, stereo)

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