YAMAHA P-121 (Chinese version) 76 Key Digital Piano


HK$4,288.00  HK$5,988.00

YAMAHA Releases New Model P Series: P-121 Digital Piano.


The new P-121 comes with a 73-key (6 octaves) GHS step-by-step strength keyboard, designed exactly like the P-125, but reducing the body weight to 10 kg and the width to 1 meter 1.

More portable. The new P-121 still uses PUER CF sound source engine, pre-set YAMAHA CFIIIS piano sampling including 24 high-quality tones, black-key surface matte processing GHS gradual counterweight keyboard;

In addition to the metronome, the built-in drum rhythms were increased to 20 styles covering pop, rock, Latin, jazz, etc.; New improved two-frequency speakers with EQ equalization settings designed to fit on the desktop.


To ensure that the mainframe is equally sound when placed on the desktop; Support Smart Pianist APP applications for functional operation via smart tablet devices;


Yamaha this time designed a new-look piano-style three-pedal for the new P121. Overall P-121 can be seen as a P-125 73-key portable version.


Roland RD-64 should bear the brunt of the launch of the P121. Quite a few people bought the RD64 because it was the only piano on the market that had a key weight and was barely portable. Although only the 64-key body is short and there are great piano sounds and keys, the disadvantage is that it still weighs 12KG and there is no horn on it.

weighing 111CM, GHS keyboard like P125 (200 times better than RD64), with an on-piano horn that can be turned off, an external stereo AUX OUT output interface, up the street, and a training team, it's very portable and usable to break the table.

P121 is a short version of P-125 with 100% the same features as the P125. Weight loss to 10KG (from 125 11.8KG) and length to 111 CM (22 CM shorter than 133 CM of 125). The keys are the same SIZE, not scaled down, but reduced to 73 keys. Have you ever played the highest and lowest keys of 88?

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